Monday, January 12, 2015

January is Design Week

Chapter 1 - I'm fabricating the KPMB Architects Dinner by Design Exhibit!

Exciting things are happening - if it was not for IDS in January, it be boring. It's the Design Week - professionally it is always exhausting but fun. Tons of good shows, great openings and awesome work - top Toronto design talent out-does itself. All the big names are doing something - there are many platforms, everything from the big commercial Interior Design Show, to the the independent TO.DO - Toronto Design Off-Site. There are some good parties. You get to meet all your friends all in one place.  Careers are made like this. 

The Design Exchange - a venue for showcasing what is considered good design - right now they have Jeanne Beker's Politics of Fashion - is hosting Dinner by Design - it's a fundraiser.  Ten individual designers - top city talent - great range - different styles - get to design a dinging space. With great pride I report that I am working on the design for KPMB Architects! It has to be well engineered - it's a combination of wood and steel - just on my side. There is going to be some incredible lighting and furniture. And of course food! The insane thing is that it has to get setup within a 5.5 hour timeframe - platform, flooring, canopy, graphics - all on Sunday - I don't know how that's gonna happen... all I know is that is has to be super efficient. 

Otherwise, I am excited for two things - IKEA's SEKTION, their new kitchen being launched at the IDS - you know that is has to be amazing and more efficient. At the same time Semihandmade - the company from California - that manufactures custom doors for IKEA boxes - will also be there. Now that I offer this service - I make custom doors for IKEA boxes  - I want to check them out. See the quality of the product, inspect the edge-banding, see the clarity of the lacquers they use, how dimensionally stable is their bamboo line, what brand of laminates do they use - I have built and finished many really fancy doors** - wood grain and solid colour. My work has gone to museums!* 

Put that together with the falling Canadian dollar - how low can it go? - that and it will make more sense to save on shipping - it's like 4500 km from California! 

You get a flawless designer look, you get the Studio Kosnik quality, and you get a good price. It will be especially important on the SEKTION! That system has a million pieces! 

In the meantime....

long days and nights till the Design Week begins...

*for the bases, not the pieces. 


**fancy doors - from my rebellious youth - 
slip-mached ebony, laid up on a MDF torsion box; sliding media unit door; iPod for scale.