Friday, March 13, 2015

Where are the kitchens! Huh?! Where are the kitchens?!

Chapter 1 - Sorry!

No kitchens here just yet! They are coming though! See - blogging - is almost like a full time job on top of being a designer and a woodworker. My hope is to give you 'the best of Studio Kosnik' - I almost had a TV show - for real - so there was an opportunity to stream my crazy life for all to see - but that fell through when IKEA sued and the producers got scared. Ya, crazy - I wrote about it here.


Someone wrote complaining that there are 'not enough kitchens' being shown. 'Where are the kitchens?!' - they wrote - 'where are the kitchens?!'.
Well.... Instead of a kitchen I present you 'the library'! Keeping in line with me being efficient - just like IKEA - I blog and e-mail at at the same time so.

Hello Katherine and Darren, I would like to present you with your new 'little library'!

Couple of points:

A] Remember to tighten/un-tighten the screws on the door by hand - if you use a power tool you run the risk of stripping the thread. The human hand will apply just enough pressure to properly adjust any screws. Also remove all hardware prior to painting. Once dry you should install weather-stripping on the interior frame to completely seal the box - no bugs will get it.

B] All exterior screws are stainless steel - just paint them over - it's an economical way of building. All joints feature exterior grade glue. 

C] The plywood itself is hardwood - baltic birch plywood, 1/2" thick. The box features a design that - in my opinion - is 'vandal-proof'. My worst fear was a bunch of teenagers driving in an el-Camino on a Friday night  smashing the mailboxes/libraries. The doors are partially set-in to protect them from side impact. The box is very rigid with interior hardwood framing - it will take quite the bashing before it breaks - AND - it protects the doors. I decided to upgrade the window to thicker acrylic. 

D] Reading properly into the 'small library trends', I made a decision to make the library compatible with LP [aka VINYL], large coffee table books, hard cover units as well as paperbacks, pulp fiction and even 'cheesie' harlequines [sp?] - if you choose to. It will be up to you to make a decision as to what to stock up and what not.

E] The oak doors are well made and can be stained and then need to be clear coated with an oil-based top coat - 2 coats minimum- sand lightly between coats. One thing to keep in mind, varnishes require more maintenance than solid colour paints. 

F] Leave the roof unfinished. It's cedar shingles - they will age nicely and acquire a charming patina. I tarred the roof before application of shingles! Only quality build here!

To be continued!

Chapter 2

Some pictures, because they still show I work, but they take less time to post!
I am a visual person too!

From ABET's Serigrafia collection, I am using it do a nice Storage/Media unit - it's going to be a MALM hack. I keep promising the guys at ABET [Hi Hernan!] that I will write a proper review of how much I love ABET Laminati, what an awesome product that is - I have done acres of laminates in my previous life as a commercial cabinetmaker - they are beautiful quality, Italian laminates, that come in all 700 colours of the rainbow - in stock everyday. Their showroom is incredibly impressive - all the finishes are ABET - from laminates, to flooring, wall treatments, lighting panels - absolutely anything you would need to spec out your project! There I did it! A short and sweet review!

It was so nice and warm for the last couple of days that I opened the door to air out the shop. First time this season!!