Friday, April 24, 2015

IKEA's SEKTION install w/custom base


Chapter 1

I cannot imagine having to use the IKEA rail system with their plastic legs - it's just so difficult! I was reviewing the installation guide for tall pantries - there are 2 tall - BIG AND HEAVY! - pantries on this project. So many points to adjust for level - each leg! With my custom base system, I set the height - totally arbitrarily - it can be whatever it needs to be. Look - 

I shoot that laser all around the room - all I have to do is attach that base to the wall at the back - adhesives and screws to the studs or the bottom plate - 'side-to-side' levelling - even across 12' - DONE! Then I ensure 'front-to-back' level -approximately every 2' I install a levelling foot - and finished! It's easy, stress free, and no risk of damaging any cabinetry! All the cabinets are tied together with screws and pressed against the wall as a single unit - a straight line. It is very important that all the cabinets faces - doors and drawers - be co-planar, regardless of the wall behind them! That will ensure the best look. 

We will finish the project with some custom detailing and this kitchen will look like a million bucks!

Custom Details:

I built the light box above the sink along with another box to close the space above the cabinets. Same high gloss white from Abet was used to clad the laundry doors - provides a sophisticated solution to utilitarian dilemma - they look really, really sharp. And the vent cover - facing on the dishwasher - instead of moving the vent in front of the sink I built it into the base - yea, that's a vent under the dishwasher.