Friday, June 19, 2015

When IKEA planner throws an exception.....Can't do that....OR can you?

Chapter 1

Oh these are interesting times for me...And I am not talking about just IKEA. I am working on putting together an IKEA Hackers conference here in Toronto! Someone's got to do it! And why not, people do IKEA hacking all over the world. 

Anyhow,  I often get calls from people who are facing a challenging install situation - uneven walls, bulkheads, boxes, the cabinets need modifications. Situations like these can be very limiting to the traditional IKEA designer - and I am not talking just about kitchens - that SEKTION box is incredibly flexible, I  use if for everything. 

Like this project - I've been working overtime on this one. 

That wall is a mess. There were so many obstacles, protrusions, bulkheads...there really was no way design it using the IKEA planner. I will upload the picture of what the 'IKEA planner' looked like for this project later.

[Edit: Upload! I use the planner to assemble all the pieces that I need. It's not really used for the layout. It is a helpful tool that lets me visualize the components of my design.]

Here is the base for the island - it's already built - I will record a video of Ross attempting to wrestle with it [wink!]

The house is being renovated top to bottom - they purchased top of the line Samsung appliances - beauties! The fridge is huge - wide and deep - but I designed it in such a way that it sits flush with the cabinets - thoughtful design all around! I can't wait to finish! 

The great thing is that the Ross and Franka are having their first baby - a girl! congratulations! you guys are gonna love it! - due on the 28th of this month. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling...I got four of me own babies ....that's my own, very fashionable brood at our favourite store - Costco Canada - my favourite pair of work pants are Kenneth Cole Reaction - brown with a black pinstripe - $28 at Costco!

Wanna hear the downside? Look - 

Their last scheduled pick-up of parts that I arranged for their kitchen is on the the 29th - the day after the baby due date... We just have to make the best of the situation.

Wise Words - 'Life's like that' - Avril Lavigne