Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January is Design Week - again - WITH pictures!

Chapter 1 - Location, Location, Location!

This is to put people minds at ease that there is work happening in the shop. Yeas, I work. Always. Work is always produced. Here is the location of my next project - people who live in Toronto, Canada, will recognize that landmark instantly. 

And here is the picture of craftsmanship that is going into this project. When I design kitchens - IKEA Hack kitchens - I take the design through a 'mental review' and I identify 'areas of first aesthetic failures' - so areas of you millwork that will experience conditions that will affect the 'first initial awesome look of your kitchen' first and I implement solutions that will greatly delay that sad occurrence in the life of any millwork.... And the grey form ABET, from their Super-Matte collection, is just stunning - I said it before, in my video - it's just like working with pure colour. It's really, really nice.

See, so for example all the panels that go to the floor have piece of exterior grade ply at the bottom, and are then post-laminated. That the penetration of moisture - which always occurs - is virtually reduced to nothing. Millwork looks best for years. 

Chapter  2 - TO DO festival opening party. 

If it was not for Design Week, then January would be just another long, cold month in Canadian winter. Last night was the festival opening, a hot Monday night party* - opening of TO DO Festival - at Shopify offices on Spadina ave. Hey! you cannot get more hip as a tech startup success when your work space is used as a venue where people dress in black [industry colour; I break that mould though, I wore green pants with a grey cashmere v-neck AND my work boots], talk design, see their friends, drink and dance. But occasionally you spot the wild-cards, like this guy [I told him, 'it's gonna go on the blog, people will see it,' and he's like 'I'm cool with that' ---->>

He was a young artist and he was rocking the most awesome non-traditional moustache and cool 90's original Adidas sweat-top. He stood out - man is living a dream I say. That's why I always say that you should love what you do for a living - it is like living a dream, always, everyday.  

If you check out the TO DO Instagram page, you will see the ridiculous line up outside and it was freezing - a venue of apparently rated for 350 folks received 1200 RSVPS! It's good I RSVP'ed earliest possible - I want my name on that list! 

 I think it is also indicative of how much the festival has grown. I remember, and wrote about it, when it was just like 7 dynamic - leaders, I say - creative individuals who said 'let's put on a show'....and it has just blown up since then. Another curious difference that I noticed between the TO DO festival and the big Interior Design Show, is the youthful ignorance and youthful arrogance present in the crowd - good qualities I say. While waiting 40 minutes in line to get in, I managed to overhear tons of 'youthful talk' - big designer dreams, artsy and risky challenges taken on, speculative pieces that no one will buy made - but that is the advantage of being young and inexperienced. I was like that once too** - I kind of feel old and experienced now, and I don't really take big risks any more - rather, my experience allows me to execute carefully scripted narratives and decisions which have a rather low risk of failure and often carry long term, 'professionally-positive' implications [Yeezus! no young person ever writes like that!] Not every one will make it in this group. [Group A]

IDS on the other hand is has a very confident vibe - it's the best showing - it's for people people who already sell or have solid chances for selling - commercially [Group B]. Best and good work - but it is just a different vibe. 

And a positive thing is that some people will move from Group A to Group B. That's how it works. 


*hot Monday night parties, I would say, are for young-'er' people. You can't party hard on a Monday night and have a clear head on Tuesday morning. Ha! but that is why I planned ahead and reduced my workload to make sure that I can fit some late night events, and I will be attending a symposium on the topic of 'Good Design', on Saturday - a rather academic event and will write about it. I greatly enjoy the academic and philosophical aspect of Design. 

** this was one my speculative pieces...I also recall rejecting a rejection letter - I applied to participate in a show and they said 'NO'. And so I wrote in telling that I am rejecting their rejection letter and why they should put me in the show - but they still rejected me. Hahahaha!

***But I did do something 'youthful', 'rule-breaking', something which I rarely do. After the party ended at 11:30, I went back to the shop to help a friend build his table - cause it was like due yesterday and it's got to go into a show that I will see and write about on Friday! Boy....I am tired today!

1:30 am in the morning leaving shop...tired.

[edit: I went to see the UMBRA's Living Small show last night - kind of philosophical and really blew my mind. We are spoiled here in the Toronto Metropolis]