Tuesday, February 5, 2019

IKEA Hacker Says - DELAKTIG a DUD? - part 2 - SORRY

Chapter 1 - PLease pardon my previous blog outburst, but DELAKTIG is a dud. 

My last blog entry might have come across a bit hissy - I agree, but it was a genuine gut response. Yes, I also ride the 'emotional design rollercoaster'. This here entry attempts a more measured explanation - it would almost make an awesome script for a YouTube video!

DELAKTIG as a project has very many facets - as an attempt at IKEA hacking, I feel, it is a failure. There are many good sides to the DELAKTIG - but those aspects place it outside of the initially sought out 'category' of  IKEA hacks. On a personal level, I find the DELAKTIG project un-appealing - modular furniture is quite popular; the form is not eye-catching - Instagram design feeds are flooded with similar images - remember we are all connected and have unlimited access to the wealth of global information - this very much applies to DESIGN. 

I think IKEA is already participating in the PEAK FURNISHINGS phenomenon - it may not want acknowledge it, or it may not be aware of that fact, that it is doing PEAK FURNISHINGS, just via different collections - like Billy, or SEKTION or PAX. I think the failure of DELAKTIG proves my point. 

Anyways, I still love you IKEA and will write more.