Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Predictions 2020, and come to my SHOW!

picture shows a bathroom floor that has been freshly tiled with white, marble-like octagonal tiles. When I came in on Monday morning to work, the boss said that the tiles looked good. Thanks boss!

Chapter 1 - Predictions 2020 

Come to the show! Sunday, January 19 at the beautiful and historic, best part of Toronto - the New Toronto - the Assembly Hall. The building is accessible and features great amenities. Will have hot coffee and Costco muffins [because they are the best deal]. I will do a lot of the talking, but I aim to have a discussion too. SO if you got questions - come on in!

The Assembly Hall is a beautiful location, historic location, right by the lake, absolutely stunning hikes, strolls and walks. You can ride the TTC new Red Rockets all the way practically to the front door.... that how easy and convenient it is. If you drive, that's ok too - I know the commute is the only option sometimes - PLENTY of street parking on Lakeshore [check if paying required, may not be].

Peak Furnshinings is directly tied to all these ideas:

Which way is Design going?

What are good SKILLS to have?

What does PEAK Furnishings mean for me?

What is the future of work looking like? 

How did Canada won the CLIMATE CHANGE lottery AND how we can CAPITALIZE on it? 

All these questions present opportunities for growth. All these questions come with certain subset of skills that are needed. 

Lots and lots to talk about.....! Do Come!