Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Official Launch - 'KingK + QueenT' - line of super-luxe IKEA Hacks

Chapter 1,

'Hey! I make it look like a million bucks!'  [c] studio kosnik

I am officially launching my line of luxury hacks - specifically hacked IKEA doors. The quality of their top-of-line doors is incredible - made in Sweden, made in Italy. It's called KingK + QueenT.

Check it out!

More great KingK + QueenT doors pics coming soon!

BTW - that is a PAX wardrobe that's been hacked to fit a 12" deep alcove. A really high-end linen closet [it's on the way to a home office...all of YYYn's  clients will walk by and say, 'WOW! Looks like a million bucks!]

Chapter 2

IKEA has an extensive line of cabinet doors - they are production doors. This is not of particular issue if you are ordering cabinet doors in solid colours - they are all identical and of superb quality. BUT - if you are ordering any of those modernist slab veneer doors - it is a patchwork! Being an IKEA no.1 fan and a designer, I will argue that it does create a unique look, well suited to some environments. 

But what if you are an architect/designer that is looking for an 'on-the-budget' solution that is a little more 'quiet', 'less-busy' - say rift sawn, horizontal grain, white oak or walnut doors, with the grain tracking across the entire project? Like this for example - 

The IKEA model can't do that. But I can! - and it will be an 'on-the-budget' solution AND totally compatible with the 'IKEA standard'. Ask a question, get a quote. I do that free of charge! That's right! Advice if free, I start charging when I have to take out my hammer. It's like getting custom doors on sale at 50% off [well, maybe more like 33% off - but still an awesome deal!]

Chapter 3 

I love IKEA Hacking!

Here is a nice, hacked, totally built-in, 'floating', PAX wardrobe with sliding doors. As far as I can tell, I am the first one to offer hacked sliding doors on IKEA's PAX [it really is experimenting - developing the right methods and techniques!] How far can I push this IKEA hacking? I am a very ambitious individual, PLUS, I've entered into a professional rivalry with another creative individual - all good times, good times....but you know how these things can get out of hand...]

Chapter 4


All the work that is featured on the pages of this blog is fabricated using modified IKEA products - doing so totally voids the IKEA warranty, but don't fret, Studio Kosnik extends that warranty by another 20 years [minus wear and tear in legal jargon++].

 The author/fabricator is a well experienced, professional woodworker + designer, with access to professional tools and equipment. Some of the methods/techniques shown are being pioneered [I feel like sir Edmund Hillary scaling the IKEA Everest...]**, and require intimate knowledge and understanding of industrial production methods. IKEA hacking is a popular and a world-wide phenomenon - I scour the web for those. Small things are a-OK! 

Occasionally though I cringe - properly hacked seating means that one anticipates that there may be two grown adults standing on it at one point [like, changing a light-bulb for example...] and a cardboard honeycomb, light density lamination sandwiched  between two 4mm skins is inadequate for that purpose; children's hacks are an issue sometimes - 'I got four of me own babies' and they push the things I build to the MAX!; heavy modified doors require solid supports in specific sections! Be cautious when hacking heavy, structural elements. Exercise that common sense muscle.

A very important philosophy that I have integrated into my business model is the Principles of Democratic Design - that's the foundation that the IKEA monolith rests on, affordable design for all! Occasionally, I give out free advice! Sometimes a project is simple enough that instead of me charging YYY for the project, instead of a quote I will e-mail back saying something like -

'Consider this, all you need is a cricular saw/jig saw. Make a template out of 1/8" masonite, because cardboard is too fragile, clamp things securely, and then....'

You will not get an extensive essay - as those take time - more like a quick point-form guide. People love it! It's not always applicable though, I only do that if I deem the project fits a my own rigorous [read: safe] rules and I feel that there is really no need to hire me. Of course, please remember, you can always hire me if you want. 


** Yes, I feel like sir Edmund Hillary climbing the IKEA Everest. Ha! If I only had my sherpa - Tenzing Norgay... Studio Kosnik is different - people don't work for me, they work with me. I expect ambitious creativity and dedication - the individuals that I occasionally hire exhibit excitement and passion in their line of work. I expect to be challenged and questioned on my decisions [which are final, but reasonable and well thought out]- that's the only way we deliver great results.

In my professional career I keep track of individuals whom I encountered and whom have made a personal, positive impression on me [I have been awed professionally several times...]. There have been three so far - all young, energetic, driven, ambitious do-goodnicks - and they all refused my offers to work with me - for now, I'm very stubborn.

One spends his days building homes [with a government grant] in native communities in northern Ontario, Canada - 'he's staying there till the money runs out, it's personally rewarding work' he says. Another one is agressively expanding her father's non-woodworking business - a natural born businesswoman - but she studied woodworking in college and she loves it! I know it! She's got a small shop in her father's garage - very creative. She refuses out of stubbornness, that I would not let her be in charge of projects - we've worked together in the past. The third, the 'wild card', left Canada and is currently 'traveling the world to find himself'. I told him - 'Listen, traveling the world and finding yourself is expensive, you will need a job when you get back'.

Ahh...youth...cut your hair, get a job!
 best if you get a job with me. 
- that's my line, and you can quote me on that.

Never the less, I am still currently searching for a sherpa... If you read this blog, and live in Toronto, Canada, and in your mind your are saying 'Holy COW! Sounds awesome! I want to be part of IKEA hacking! Than don't hesitate - 
send me your basic resume + a minimum 50 word essay on why you enjoy woodworking. And we will go from there.