Monday, March 3, 2014

We are crossing international borders here!

I find myself so busy these days! No time to maintain a good blog! Seems like blogging should be a job on its own...

Chapter 1
But it is true! We are crossing international borders - and in a good way! I got some questions about using/modifying IKEA doors, but not with cabinetry, but more a privacy panels/moving walls, ALL the way from across the Atlantic.

Good Idea!

Did some advising - it was a peculiar situation - older European home, sloped ceilings -  think those images on postcards... fancy European facades, colourful paintjobs and flower baskets on the window sills....Makes me want to revisit my European roots. Show my kids how mischievous their daddy was, how good of a slingshot shooter he was, what 'off-limits to children' structures he climbed. I would like to think that in some way, that ever-questioning and curious child meshed well with my current profession - professional IKEA Hacker! 

'Did you say you want to do Roche-Bobois with IKEA?! I do some really nice super-lux hacks!'

Chapter 2

Eye-Candy - always good for the soul!

For those interested in fireplaces....

Chapter 2

IKEA stores are identical all over the world - they only differ in their layout. But there are regional differences. Like here Canada we got $1 breakfasts AND we got the AS-IS section. They ain't got that in Holland! Out of curiosity I will reach out to my cousins [oh I have a large family - 55 cousins just one side! at family gatherings - like weddings and funerals - we used to organize boxing matches!*] - Poland, USA, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic to see what they got happening that is unique to their IKEA stores.

* remember, this is Europe, think of all the best cliches you can think of - oh how we perpetuated those stereotypes! So right after the priest issued the marriage vows, or the coffin hit the ground and the elders went off to celebrate - the youth aged 6 to 22 years gathered - usually in the fields behind the church -  to settle - who is the best boxer in the family?! Your reputation was on the line! All the good looking girl-cousins [I have 55 cousins just on my dad's side of the family!]  - which you could not possibly date or marry - but they were good looking never the less - looked on as young boys and almost-men wrapped their wrists and laced up the gloves. Those were real fights - bloody noses, black eyes, not one wore head protection... oh and Mike Tyson, sorry bud, I've witness biting in boxing waaay before you did it! 

Children boxing?.... inconceivable!!