Sunday, June 15, 2014

Confessions of an IKEA Hacker - The TRUTH or The Ethics of IKEA Hacking

Chapter 1 - Even Designers are doing it....

Everyone is doing it.....Everyone....

I remember the first time I met Derek - he was jointing [a woodworking term for machining lumber square and true] a big board of North American white oak. My first thought was, 'what is that young boy doing with that big slab of wood....' - and I was applying for my first fine cabinetry job fresh out of design school. By that time in my career I was very well versed with wood - I had laid down over 300 000 sq feet of hardwood floors and I was looking for more WOOD ACTION! 

I did get the job - builtwork design [don't let the crappy website fool you - Kent Agus, the owner, is an uncompromising craftsman - everything I learned about really fine, high end design I learnt from Kent! respect!] - and me and Derek spent the next few years working together - and we had SO much fun! We were both young and ambitious, full of design ideals - we wanted to change the design world*! When Derek was getting married I gave him a gift certificate for great floors - I was still poor and paying off my student loans, and in my cultural background  [Polish] you don't show up to a good friend's wedding without the equivalent of.... like.....2 cows or a small motorcycle. 

Eventually Derek left [ah, what sad day that was...we all shed single tear - me, Freyja, Wiesiek, Kent - and am certain that threw a party in the building and drank good beer till late hour.] to pursue adventure in furniture design - Derek McLeod Design. He is professionally successful, has taught a younger generation and hacks IKEA himself. 

This is a really nice example of well planned out IKEA hack. Derek has a beautiful house, well designed, no arbitrary decisions. Those are AKURUM cabinets with white Tanem doors designed fit into a wall cavity.

If you have that option - a blank wall - than this is what I do best - build it in. Sometimes it may be drywall, occasionally I make use of panels - I match the IKEA doors to Abet Laminati laminate - over 700 colours in stock, in Toronto, everyday. 

It ends up looking like million bucks - everytime!

CHapter 2 - the Ethics of IKEA Hacking

Coming Soon...


* Derek organized the first and only design competition in our building, produced the only entry. Me and Andrew Miller declared him the winner - 'on the edge' was the title of his entry.

Those copper lamps are his as well. They look nice.