Friday, December 12, 2014

IKEA Virgins and the end of AKURUM

So this is what the end looks like, eh? At least here in Canada - so the good old AKURUM is going away. The old kitchens are being torn down, cabinetry sold 'as-is' at ridiculous prices. Inside scoop reveals that the official reveal in Toronto, Canada, will happen February 1st, 2015. 

The SEKTION is coming. That is IKEA's new kitchen system. The sales on AKURUM already started.

I will miss AKURUM -  I hacked it often. I was very comfortable using it.  Time to reminisce...Re-kindle the old memories...Time for a...>>>>

AKURUM eulogy

AKURUM was a good kitchen system. It was one of us - beautiful and functional. A creation of the IKEA designers - most likely many -  it anchored the lives of many families around the globe. Complemented by the RATIONELL system made by BLUM Austria,  it proved, to North Americans everywhere - in glitzy metropoliae [plural of metropolis]***; subdued sleepy suburbia, and small cheeky towns - cause people traveled far and wide to pick them up, those IKEA kitchens [even from Buffalo! which does not have an IKEA and why not? I speculated that it was done to prevent cross-border shopping. It would make sense to have gone across the border - and when the Canadian dollar was on par with the American dollar, buy a nice leather IKEA sofa and bring it across  - it came out to something like 20% off! But nah.... you had to go to all the way to New York City to pick one up. ]. 

AKURUM was my go-to box for hacking. It came in many size and several depths. It was matched with a very nice selection of well made doors to suit every taste and budget. The boxes were well fabricated and it was a no brainer to put them together. For the North American market they were made in the USA. They were also easy to improve upon - with my mods they made for a strong rigid box - it was perfect. When installing I would build my own kicks - for the ease of leveling and sturdiness of the project. It was a well made kitchen fir the masses - made affordable. 

AKURUM was made of particlecore - not MDF. Every time I read the review of the system, somewhere on the web, I always cringed at reading that - MDF - it meant that the review was not written by a professional.  Yes, some, very few, parts were made of MDF [and I am certain, that IKEA did that on purpose] - mainly stretchers. But all gables and tops+bottoms were particlecore. It was edged well - edged better than many cabinet shops that charge premium rate I know do.  The cabinetry was all 3/4" construction. End panels were 1/2". 

alsmost forgot:

IKEA Virgins  - a term coined by me and my wife in reference to people who are not familiar with the IKEA model - mainly getting trapped in the store. It has only been the last few years that IKEA made provisions, shortcuts, alternate route labeling to make their stores more navigatable to those not familiar with their store layout. 

IKEA stores are all about 'the experience' - the actual 'walk-through' - IKEA has made it their trademark that they make you walk through the entire store before exit. 

I like it though...

*** Nah, I made that up. That's not plural.