Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Advantage of IKEA Hacking - Part 2

Chapter 1 - 

From ABET's Serigrafia collection - my place. I took 2 black MALMs, strengthen them [yea, they need that], put them together on a custom base, fabricated custom countertop that also has a little cable management system. I have to confess that I am a huge fan of ABET's Serigrafia collection - beautiful, large, bold prints that are also very durable, and Hernan, from ABET, tells me that each graphic pattern comes with a matching solid colour - those laminates are just beautiful... I think ABET's Serigrafia - matching across the doors - would look real good on the PAX doors. Want really nice, large, functional closets that look amazing? Hire me - I will design you a beautiful wardrobe that's gonna cost thousands less. 


Frank was renovating his house and he could not find an appropriate reducers for his brand-spankin' new re-finished floors. Being a floor installer - I've done some real nice hardwood floors - I know the challenge. I remember shaving, cutting, thickness planning the 'stock reducers' - it was always a compromise. This is a custom solution that deals with all that challenges that Frank might encounter - custom width, custom bevel, custom everything - tomorrow I will just cut it length and it's done!


This is a custom box - the back of it. Many times the clients won't even see that part. But I want them to know that it is always quality. Always! - crappy work annoys me! I never spare quality materials, glue, nails, screws, or exceptional craftsmanship. I don't cut out openings for plugs - I build jigs, measure and route - even my cut outs for electrical look good! Crappy workmanship annoys me!

One of the reasons that I am always appreciative of my clients is that they enable me to live my dream.  Yea. This is not a 8 til 5 job for me - this is a life-long love affair with design and wood - I will elaborate more on that in some later post, when I get more time...Yea! I need more time to blog...

Chapter 2 - Latest IKEA Billy hack - custom solution.

The true advantage of doing IKEA hacking with me is the great flexibility in design. You literally can go with anything you desire... I am just there to realize that vision. I am there to make sure that things not only look good but work well. This design turned out so well - I put in nicest detailing that I could - I was very satisfied - there was nothing more than I could have done with it.  

The design is split into two parts - top and bottom. With carefully selected geometry, the bookcases end up being vertical columns sandwiched between to curving slabs - all finished in a really nice high gloss white - Italian laminates look stunning  - a gentle sweep. The symmetry and height of the bookcases can be repeated along any wall  - symmetry and rhythm is achieved there. 

The two top custom boxes are meant to represent a complement to the bookcases below. They are a means to deal with various 'obstacles to symmetry' - the top boxes share same elements - they fit within 1/2" of all restricting dimensions - set back, high-gloss scribed pieces. Stepped, set-back, fixed shelving edged with thick solid birch - 5/8", chunky. Backs are, nice flat-sawn birch veneer - all solids and veneers are finished with water-based finish - water-base is harder, more durable, environmentally friendly - but the biggest deal is that it is virtually clear and non-yellowing, which is big deal for birch  - wood grain looks amazing!

FIN [end]

PS. I am excited! Tomorrow I am doing my second IKEA unboxing video - here you can check out the first one. It's at the end of the post - it's a Billy Bookcase unboxing video!

PPS. Here - sometimes, I like wearing a tie* at work. Just because I am a blue collar worker, don't mean that I can't dress well. 

I take my work very seriously. For real. I love my job. Thanks for enabling me. 

*it's a sewn-in tie....for safety.