Monday, June 29, 2015

Why should you let me design and install your next kitchen.

I really enjoy my labour.
I share your excitement for renovation.
I always do a superb job.
I will always do best with what I am given. 

Cause you know why? I care. Imagine that every job that I do is my little pet project and I want for it to come out looking best. Best.  There are no arbitrary decisions. Everything is thought out. Yea, everything. I think about every detail and how it will play into the larger picture. I will not list all the things that I think about when designing a kitchen - I assure you that the list is long. And more! - I learn something new on every job - a ha! must remember that for next time. All that experience carries with me to the next job, and the next job. 

I am not a 'fleet installer' - I don't have anybody standing over my head telling me to hurry up. I am efficient. Cabinetry is a great trade because you can't really 'hurry up'- all you can do is work at an efficient pace and pay attention to details - it's the detailing that makes for a nice looking kitchen. Anyone can assemble the box - but that box has to be positioned right; it has to be lined up in the right way; it has to be detailed the right way - PEG doesn't do that - in fact a large portion of this project would not be able to be assembled by PEG installers - too many IKEA planner exceptions. Planning is an essential part of any project - there is no point executing anything if it is not planned well - no profits are realized in fixing mistakes. 

Boy! Today they installed the countertops - that island slab was massive - easily 400 pounds - 4 strong men carried it. When they leaned that beast against that island cabinetry - in my mind, if I did not build that island well - if that island was mounted on those plastic legs, I was just waiting for them to snap. They 'heaved-and-hoed' that thing into position - I could tell that there was a lot of stress on the cabinets during the positioning of the stone - very nice Ceaserstone.

On a humorous note - well, I found it humorous, because I've been told the same thing by virtually every single client - the client told me today while we were checking the fit of the stove - it had to be quite the precise fit - only 1/8" was allowed as tolerance - that I looked serious - almost stressed - and I was like, 'Yea, we're landing the Titanic here'. I guess, I would say the thing that causes me the most stress is the fact that I cannot do all the jobs myself - that I have to rely on others for a successful and accurate completion of the project. Whether it is the carpenter, the drywaller, the taper, electrician, plumber, tile guy, hardwood floor installer. You know who never causes me any headaches?

The Painter.

Hats off to you, Picasso!

The project looks good - finishing stretch now. 

This fridge is massive - deep and wide. But, taking advantage of the already awkward geometry and some careful planning I was able to completely integrate it into the 'pantry' side of the cabinetry. It looks really good. 

Planning! Good, thoughtful planning is the key to a nice execution! When you see me standing there, looking at the wall or the boxes - that's not me being idle - I'm planning my next move. 

I am particularly happy about this corner - it took a lot of planning for it to look like that. We are waiting in the glass doors for the uppers. You can see a bit of under-structure under the cabinets. The corner unit was hacked, because there was a depth limitations - you still have 10" interior - will still function well and looks like a million bucks. 

If you are going to pay someone to install your kitchen, they might as well do it really nice. 

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We were waiting on the glass doors! They look good. Notice how even the gaps are? That's the key - even gaps - balanced look - your boxes have to be installed flawlessly - plumb and level.  After the pic was taken the client lowered the visible shelves in-line with the glass dividers and adjusted her glassware collection accordingly - looks really good. The main level is painted with really strong, saturated colours which offsets the cabinetry very well. 

YOLO. It's true, and this applies to my work as well. There was plenty of researched done by the client to ensure that everything was a good fit. One of the last few things to go one was the side panel on the fridge - we were aiming for a specific look. It turned out that the fridge is vented on the side - bit of surprise. 

 Here it is! The big-*ss fridge fully built-in! And you know what?! There is some serious carpentry hidden behind that built it. It was like a maze - it all had to fit seamlessly. I got to say that there was tons of math just to make it look like it did. Those pantries sit on a required-box AND still I was able to squeeze 81" between it and the beam above - champion! - cause that 81" gave me enough room to level two 80" IKEA pantries*. That and provide enough room for the fridge to be flush with all the doors. 

Because the fridge vents to the side and I didn't want to ruin the design with some stock vent - I custom built this one - it wasn't in the quote, but YOLO, and I wanted for it to look like a million bucks!

*IKEA pantries - when well equipped - are one of the most functional kitchen pieces that you can have. I have not seen a better solution at that price. I have looked at some ridiculous piece of hardware too - I was not too convinced.