Wednesday, February 10, 2016

so WHAT'S the DEAL with IKEA furniture and the launch of FILM CABINETRY[tm]

This is not an IKEA piece. This is Canadian made, solid cherry hutch that my parents - we were fresh off the boat immigrants back in '91 - bought for an equivalent of about 70% of a month's rent on a 3 bedroom unit. It came with a beautiful,  book-matched solid cherry table and 8 nice chairs. It has aged amazingly. The picture above,  shows how natural cherry ages when exposed to sunlight - it acquires this wonderful rich red-brown patina. 

The flooring is also mine - my brothers and me built our parents' house, I want to say, about 20 years ago. The house features nice hardwood floors through out, with the dining room featuring red oak framed with a border in walnut and maple - fancy floors. I still occasionally do flooring - only fancy though, sorry. I am experiencing a mid-life crisis I think - I feel very skilled, I reached a plateau, in terms of flooring. I can resolve or turn anything into flooring. We are talking historic, reclaimed, anything - give me the best wood you've got and I am gonna turn into work of art. I pre-sort Moncer floors before installs - I want to know the available flooring before I install it - I  build 'the average' tone in my mind as well keep an eye out for potential gems.  I want to set aside book-matched boards so that they may be used in an another way, maybe built-into the cabinetry - I love designing with that large board. I told a friend - it's like building a tabletop - every board matters. And so imagine my great surprise when I discovered that something that used to bring me great pleasure stopped doing so. 

And so I have been in search for a new muse. I want to find passion again. Something ambitious that will make me crave work everyday and will challenge my pre-conceived notions. I want something beautiful and breathtaking. When I build,  I want to wow myself. And I found it - Film Cabinetry.

I love movies - no! - I enjoy great cinematography. I like good plots and story lines and twists. I like movies that mirror intricacies of human relationship - and I don't mind dark or sadness but comedy is always good. 

' T'were it so simple! '

One thing that always impressed me were movies sets - the furniture used in movies is amazing. My favourites are wooden filing cabinets from the 1940's war time movies and cabinetry found in apothecaries - those millions of little drawers and large panes of clear glass [I would only use starfire glass! - for clarity]. And I love Woody Allen's New York apartments - that's my style. Hahaha!

So if you want some amazing cabinetry built that you've seen in a great scene ['Crimes and Misdemeanors' and 'Hannah and her Sisters', are my two absolutely faves and 'Hail Cesar!' had some amazing movies sets too], then get in touch. I can build anything. 

ps. I started designing this - I am not sure how these things happen to me.