Monday, January 16, 2017

It's DESIGN Week - SMELL you later MODERATION!

**Read the tab for 'IKEA Hackers Convention!' 

**edit: Big hold on! = my new found fame has my in-box ruined. Please be patient with respones! much appreciated! if you are bored you can check out my other project:

It's Design Week!
Smell you later Moderation!

Come see my show January 22 - at the Assembly Hall!

We will make Design History together!


Yes! Someone recognized me at the opening party of the festival. ' look familiar....', 'Yes, I am the IKEA Hacker, show - Sunday - come see it,' I do a shameless plug. 'I was just on your website. Page, after page of blocks of text very little pictures. It's boring.' 


Nahh...It's ok. I am totally cool with it. I am a writer. I like writing. One of my new year's resolutions was that I will start posting more. There, it's working. If you don't bother reading my blog than you should not be hiring me. 

2nd edit*

I was just on CBC Metro Morning talking about my work!
google me: toronto IKEA Hacker!
I will be on CBC television later today!

toronto life - I'm famouse! I'm famouse!