Monday, February 27, 2017


Chapter 1 - Sometimes you just want to chill. 

Where else can you take bored, hungry children on a Sunday - and still ensure that they get some exercise? IKEA, of course. 

It was a ZOO. There was absolutely no way that you could produce efficient, satisfactory results on the IKEA kitchen planner. If you watched my video - on how to use the planner efficiently - you would have known that. 

But sometimes being productive is not always the goal. Sometimes you just want to chill and watch your children be successful - just playing around other kids. I think IKEA makes some amazing children's toys - I think their offering creates for a very open ended, positive, inclusive game play. 
I can honestly say that we spent at least 2 hr at IKEA. I laid on a bed watching hundreds of people pour by me - exploring, touching, evaluating products - potential consumers right there. I read some stats and apparently IKEA Canada is doing really well - a leader - they are THE destination for home furnishings and decor. IKEA's success is directly tied to its ability to mass produce objects that people need [that is something that is completely opposite of what I do, total and complete customization; I am a furniture designer]. I wondered, for the hundreds of people that walked by me - how many of them cared about the amount of smart, forward thinking design and cutting edge technology that went into each product?

A pregnant couple [yea, I know, just the lady is pregnant] with a young daughter walks by me and looks at the next bed, that I am on. It's handsome dark lines, some curves add flair - the design details mimic some other fancy era design. They speak a foreign language, but I can read the body language and the positive nods - they are interested. Their little girl gets up onto the bed. 'Look,' I say, pointing out the flexibility of this design, 'this beds extends, it can be made larger. All you have to to do is buy a larger mattress.'. 'Ah...thank you,' they nod in approval. I think this makes the sale, as they write down the product number. 'Yes, a successful sale!' I think to myself. No wonder IKEA is doing so well. 

People just want functionality - not everyone wants or cares about high fashion design. 

Chapter 2 - OK, so what's next for me.

A] I want to do even more, now that the show shone a bright spotlight on my practice. I will focus more on designing and hacking. I want show what is possible - and how to take the best advantage of what IKEA has to offer - IT IS A LOT!

B] I am currently looking for a maker space to start hosting meet-ups  - IKEA Hacking. I am also looking to offer workshops - some free, and some for a fee. What are you interested in doing? Fire off an e-mail and let me know!

C] I am gonna up my social media game - I will still write - cause I am a writer first! - but I will also start producing videos. I reviewed all the traffic to my site and identified most popular requests and search queries - will be doing one shortly - may even today!

D] I will stay creative - remember you should always have a 10 year horizon - creative, professional. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
NOTE: 5 year horizon is still acceptable. lol.

Stay creative!