Thursday, January 4, 2018

U [can] 2 - Theoretical Thursday - Jan 18, 2017


First Tip: be efficient - create public web content while answering e-mails that matter. So you know that you have to put in the effort - it's either going higher up OR you care about this project. Might as well make it count - imagine writing for a larger audience - likely a similar client will call soon and you managed to pre-emptively answer their question - ADVANTAGE YOU. Strip all the personal details, take out the sensitive numbers - anonymize it. It is now ambiguous enough to apply to anyone, convincing enough because it was a personal response, AND when the Google AI crawlers will go over it, they will sense 'good quality human content' and give it a higher rating - those things do add up, it's a global audience now - I get tons of views from RUSSIA and DOWN UNDER!

Best to check out my INSTA account - it's a nice visual and brief description of ideas that I will be focusing on during my 2 day event. 

Chapter 1 - U [can] 2 - Theoretical Thursday, Jan 18; 3pm;

 'So I want to attend Theoretical Thursday - Karol, you got the place booked till 10pm, what's happening so late?'

I have already received couple of e-mail questions asking for a clarification - what am I doing on Thursday? What?!- Controversial design opinions? 

Firstly you will see cool furniture - IKEA Hacks - something meant to be replicated or scaled up, fancy stuff too! But I will have my own designs 2 - something that was meant to go into Sheridan50, Part B, which never happened because of the college faculty strike. 

BUT what an excellent question!

Theoretical Thursday [entire day; I only provided the 'talk' as an 'anchor point' for scheduling purposes, I don't really know how big this is going to get; I'm keeping the place open till 10pm] is meant to be an informal, non-structured discussion on how to succeed in the field of Design - be it as a designer, a designer-maker or a tradesperson who will work with designers - mostly what I would consider 'independent contractors'', 'small scale, butique design firms', 'niche markets' - as that seems to be the shift that is taking place in the demographic - employers often talk about 'flexibility'- 10 years ago my great marketing prof called it 'blue-ocean, red ocean theory'. 

I will share tips, techniques and methods that have helped me to reach the place where I am at now - I am very selective about my projects [don't cast your net too wide -  be wise with your available resources; pick projects that you know you will be most successful with; pursue your passions]; better wages [that's the trend....]; fulfilling my dream of an academic career - perhaps unorthodox, indirect route [yea! I'd love to go out there study full time - but I can't - job, family, bills; real life vs. 'insta life'; creating work that is shared, appreciated and has helped a very large number of people to achieve success on their own scale [that's part of the 'sharing economy'!]; being an arteest [spelling intentional] - I think my work has some artistic merit, but calling oneself 'an artist' is a very bold statement to make, not there yet [you guys will know that I scored that 'meellion dollar deal' when I start calling myself an 'artist']

I hope to draw students and recent grads in - academic world is very much the iGeneration - I am the star - but once you leave that bubble, it's harsh outside. That's why I think it will be important for them to identify their strengths early on - things they like doing, things that they can excel at, things they won't mind spending long and long hours on but it will not feel like work - and be paid good money for it. We are no longer an economy where a prepared 'portfolio of work' - which is often very self-centered - serves as a ticket to landing a great career [vs. a job; nothing wrong with having 'just a job']. I will talk about 'non-orthodox' opportunities - kind of like 'hacking for a job' - recognize great openings and take advantage!

This one is a BIGGIE - learn how to identify socio-economic trends which in turn will shape direction of your own design work; impact the structure of your design work AND make decisions that will steer your creative work towards greater success. Depending on the audience requests, I will get as large or as granular as they want. I read and study in great detail all sorts of retail, sales data for 'designer objects' - everything from cars, houses, clothing, even pop-culture and politics, what I call 'the commercial, consumable culture'- those are the 'tea-leaves' that I read. I personally have what I call a '10 year creative event horizon' - so for example I already know what show I will do next year; what show I will do in 3 years; and what creative stunt I will pull in 5 years. I will encourage people to develop their own 'creative event horizons' - maybe 10 years is long, but you sure got to have a 5-year plan!

And remember, Social Media is the Great Equalizer, and you should leverage it to your best advantage.

See you on Thursday, Jan 18?