Thursday, June 21, 2018

Confessions of an IKEA Hacker - Private PAX opinions

[picture shows designer Karol Kosnik standing in a white, open PAX frame, prior to proper installation of the back. On his shoulder, loosely hanging is an IKEA yellow bag full of PAX hardware - no, not stolen, because those are only for IKEA internal use, but rather gifted by the IKEA delievery people]

Peak furnishings is here - that's the only way I can think of the PAX. With every PAX install OR resurrection, I get pleasantly surprised how efficiently I fill the space with it. And whatever the space remains gets filled nicely with ALGOT and it gets the lights too. 

The universality of it comes with a cost - the install has to be accessible to everyone, but that is NOT the case. Some people should not install and should hire a professional. AND FFS!  - ** cut out the baseboard for flush install ** - always request that. Any installer should do it - simplest way to give it that BUILT-IN look. 

I disagree with IKEA that the PAX should last 10 years. I think it can easily last 20 years - you just have to follow my instructions. Simple modifications and additions dramatically extend the life. No, the hardware is not going to fail - it will be the box! So it is important that it gets the royal treatment. If it doesn't it is guaranteed that it will end its life at a 10 year mark - BUT don't worry, you can then call me and I will resurrect it. When I leave, drawers won't stick or rub, doors will open and close properly. It is crazy stupid that an addition of $5 tube of silicone will give the PAX another 10 years - you will be happy. And you know what? While we are at it? We can make it look pretty. Or modern. Or anything else you would like. That's what I do well - I fulfill people's functional wishes. 

For all the totally custom solutions that I can design and build, there really is no reason to do any of it because of PAX. My very reasonable and pragmatic asks, 'why should I make myself life difficult, when I make it easy and modular?'


I love PAX. 

My line of custom PAX hacks is called 'Robert Kalifornia'.