Tuesday, July 3, 2018

MAKER FESTIVAL 2018!! - Handy is the NEW COOL!

[picture shows Karol Kosnik standing in a dim walk-in closet, surrounded by white hacked PAX boxes, attaching - screwing on - a middle cleat that will prevent the back of the large unit from splitting over the course of the life of the PAX box]

Chapter 1 - Handy is the NEW COOL - 'Peak Furnishings edition';

When was the last time you bought a medium, or a medium-large, or maybe a very large item - like a shed for example, or a bicycle, or maybe a fancy BBQ - and you did not have to assemble at least some portion of it, if not the entirety. You also likely had to level it to make it work optimum.

How was it? Did you like it? Did you learn something new?

I had this crazy ideas that part of the HOME-ECONOMICS in high school curriculum would have this 'HANDY portion', where you learn about basic tools, safe usage, home maintenance, car maintenance  - 'dwelling systems'.  We all will end up living in dwellings [Oh and the definition of a dwelling is changing RAPIDLY! - from home owners, condo owners, to renters, to off-gridders, to tiny-homes, to trailers... I don't diss anything anymore, smart and cost effective solution to fit ANY lifestyle are finding their home on the INTERNET! In the future we will work less and less, might as well find a situation that works best FOR YOU. I was off-grid this super super hot Canada Day long weekend - there were challenges but it was AMAZING!].

Regardless of where you will end up living, there will always be some maintenance required that you should be able to do yourself - having an understanding of some simple 'home processes and routines' will help you to save hundreds if not thousands in actual costs, but may also be good for your health! 

Knowing how to hang up a row of pictures using a laser level [arranging, grouping, levelling, use of tools, completion and review!], will come in handy when you need to upgrade to a nursery and need to secure the cabinetry to the studs in the wall OR you just have a large dog that you want to build a custom, more comfortable enclosure -I've been asked to design and build custom, functional 'dog enclosures' for the balconies. That skill set can be easily built upon and expanded - save money, do it yourself!  Hiring a professional can prove to be expensive - and there are pretty good chances that somebody, somewhere out there on the Internet already designed and built something similar! That's how I get my traffic - I provide real tangible solutions to common problems.

Ownership of tools used to be a barrier to the many DIY - that no longer is the case. Tool sharing is the new wave - Toronto Tool Library exists - you can have an affordable membership and rent from them, for example - I am Toronto centrist. Maker spaces and shops offer short term rentals - for a modest fee you can gain access to some serious professional equipment, and given your level of skill, that can really open up a door to creativity, skill building and participation in community. Live your DREAM I say!

And finall, this is where I come in. COME SEE MY SHOW! July 7th, Toronto Reference Library at 12 noon - I can only do Saturday and you have to pay $5 to get in. I usually offer my shows for free, but this was the only way I could schedule this up. We will take a IKEA's plain BILLY bookcase and turn it into my WILLIAM bookcase - Fancy French on display, but I will show you how you can do a New Shaker, or even Modern Kontemporary. I want YOU to do something similar - come in, learn and enjoy yourself, build confidence in your skills, find new sources of learning! SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

If there is time I will talk about the amazing PAX system and how to DOUBLE its life. SEKTION - Ikea's kitchen box - is the lifeline of my business - I guarantee, after I am done, that you will love this box too!

I end with a pic of a hacked white Hemnes bookcase - when people ask what is your fave hack that you did, this one always is in the top.