Friday, January 25, 2019

I went to LOPOW and I liked it.

[picture shows a short, wooden, circular table with four legs; the top is made of open, fine bronze, mesh trapped in a frame composed of white oak, maple; this table was designed and built by Ryan Norton, as part of furniture exhibit titled LOPOW and is not for sale]

Chapter 1

I went to LOWPOW and I liked it. LOWPOW is a furniture show put on by the graduating class from Sheridan Furniture program. That's my alma mater - I write these words with fondness. I miss those long days, and an occasional night too, stuck in the studio. 


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Goodbye MODERATION - Design Week 2019 is almost... almost here!

Chapter 1 - Design Week 2019

You know what I am most happy about in this early 2019? I am doing NO SHOWS for Design Week. That means that I got NO deadlines, NO late nights in the studio, NO sweating over perfectly crafted presentations! I am just gonna party hop....


I am just going to have fun. Already penciling in exciting events, checking out the schedule for hidden gems! Obviously will do the opening party and drag along a friend! Will have drinks, maybe we will try this newly legal Canadian drug - 'mary-juana' and get super high!?? [Not - but don't underestimate 'the warm CBD hug' - AND you should never mix alcohol with cannabis].

The Symposium - that's a long 4 hour talk - you got to stay caffeinated for that event - looks like super interesting events - The Future of Work. RIGHT??!
I'm mean it seems that work [OR Labour] is an integral part of our society - are there new things on the horizon for employees everywhere? Was considering applying to speak at it - my small contribution, 15 min + questions max; but seeing the line up now I feel dwarfed. My 'potential future boss' - I applied for a position to teach at OCADu but was rejected [tineee, tiny portion - 'joinery in furniture and concepts alike' - for which, I felt, not only was I well qualified for, but as an IKEA Hacker had original and unique perspective, if volume of sales is an any indication] - will be speaking! 

The UMBRA talk is always a good one to attend - UMBRA has a specific unique niche market which I think they do well - lots of creative people get their start having their products picked up by UMBRA! These days manufacturing of small design objects requires smaller and smaller 'MINIMUMS' making the field more accessible - if you got a good catchy concept, the barriers to get in on the action get lower with every show you put on! 

What else? 

I am not static tho - you can't really be still when you are in design - I am working on a set of club chairs - not traditional in any sense - metal and 'puffy'. Hoping to have the first 1 made just in time for the DESIGN WEEK and attach a good hashtag on INSTA - furniture is all about visuals and it's my hope that gold chair will do the trick by drawing in the eyeballs. 

And of course WHAT to wear? Yeezus....might have to recycle an outfit.....