Sunday, November 17, 2019

NEW Hashtag AND new design - how do YOU find your own work? - #peakFURN

[picture shows 2 shallow SEKTION boxes joined together; both boxes feature VEDDINGE doors; two custom side panel clad in a vintage Italian laminate - DIAFOS - cover the sides and mimic two legs in a victorian style; please note that the piece is still missing the top cover] 

[picture shows 2 examples of Peak Furnishings phenomenon - 2 floating credenzas based on the SEKTION box clad with custom side panels; credenza in the background features dark brown SEKTION boxes with green BODBYN doors and gold metallic sides and top; credenza in the foreground is made up of 2 white SEKTION boxes with white VEDDINGE doors and pale, sea-foam green side panels; both credenzas have fake legs in the Victorian style] 

Chapter 1 - Can you see the potential of this concept?

Look - same box system, SEKTION - but a completely different look and vibe. Yes, I am reusing the form for the legs - but that is beacuse I just love that shape! I think it works amazing with lots of box sizes - as demonstrated. 

I mean, I - or YOU! - can take that box and make it look like anything I want. The sizing of the boxes is absolutely stunning. The selection of doors is incredible - all installed according to instructions and come with a 25 year WARRANTY - advantage you! This is the portion where you save money.

Next step is where you blow your budget - how do you make it look like a million dollars.......? 

You hire me! hahahaha!
Nah just kidding, I am quite affordable, and remember - bulkiest parts of the project is where the savings come out of.