Sunday, May 3, 2020

IKEA and CORONA - a transformation required

Chapter 1 - IKEA, I'm sorry 

IKEA is closed. I'm sad. 

I'm sorry that I did not appreciate you enough. I miss being taken for a ride around your store by self-following arrows while gathering little functional chachkas and putting them in an oversized yellow bag.  I miss being able to quickly switch between different sofas, throwing my body mindlessly around - fun times with children will never be the same. 

IKEA diner was my second office, a home away from home. That bottomless $1 coffee kept me going many mornings while I was designing, drafting and measuring tape in hand, confirming actual dimensions on actual products. It was SUPER fun times. 

I knew the kitchen design team well - their confused faces of always seeing me there working with the planner or looking at doors. 

To be continued...

PS. I think if there is going to be one victim of this Corona virus pandemic it will the AS-IS Section. Yup, I think it is gone for good.