Monday, December 28, 2020

The 2020 Wrap up + THIS IS THE FUTURE

Chapter 1 - 2020 Wrap Up

2020 was not an easy year. I am always a value shopper, so when I found myself among the hordes, before the pandemic was officially announced, on the floor of Costco my first instinct was to head out for Personal Protective Equipment - gloves mainly then a jug of sanitizer, masks are second nature to me in the shop. Since that time I've gotten used to lines and ordering more on-line - but it is a burden. Safety first is my mantra - I don't want to get Covid-19, I don't want to give it to my family or clients. Stay safe out there and get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available. We are all in this together.

I still have a job. Pretty much work every day, as mix of thinking, writing, and 'computer work' and shop time. I love 'shop time' - I am in charge of my own designs and I build them to the quality that I personally desire, as if I am building for myself. It may appear that Ikea Hacking is this glam thing that I do, and I love being a 'fancy designer with my clickity-clack shoes' [it's the sound of the heel on a fancy shoe when it hits a hard floor at an empty skyscraper lobby at night] I think of myself more of a 'life optimizer'] - and it is - but a lot of behind the scenes work is boring, repetitive and monotonous and no artist or writer brush can paint it in any other terms. But the fruits of the labour are rewarding, clients love the quality of work. 

Marketing?  AI does it for me - the future is AD-less my friends and I will write more about it. I declare the year 2021 to be the YEAR OF LESS. Content again is king and nothing is going to replace that. And by the way, Jules - from - is doing god's work.

What do I mean by Year of LESS - oh, I mean LESS of everything. There will less money to go around starting from design, purchasing, fabrication and building. Budgets will achieve less. It is PERFECT time for IKEA Hacking. Over the course of this year I will show you some really, really nice IKEA Hack kitchens - IKEA Hack kitchen is a kitchen that is taken out of the IKEA Kitchen Planner language. Hey! did you know that Architectural Digest - probably world's fanciest interior design magazine; $$$$$ we are talking big big money here] - did a little write up about an IKEA hack kitchen? Yea! For realZ - read it here. It's a very cute story. 

'It's not going to look like you have another kitchen in your living room', I say to a every client during the consultation - 2021 is going to be the year of the SEKTION box. One metric of that, I will say with confidence, is the fact that IKEA is running out of room on the wall for their doors! There is just SO MUCH CHOICE! But which doors are the best? Which are the most durable? Which will resist scratches and kitchen accidents best? Which ones are easy to clean and to maintain? I promise I will do another JUST DOORS post where I will give you an overview of what it means to own IKEA doors and I will give you a personal reflection of owning IKEA doors myself. 

To Be Continued....