Sunday, October 31, 2021

I OVERTHINK everything so YOU don't have to - OR - how I work [good value examples]

[Picture shows a small framed wooden structure in the woods with Karol Kosnik standing next to it on a ladder ]

Chapter 1 - How to do hardwood flooring, properly.

No I cannot frame your new house. 

It is partially because I am a mediocre framer - I take too long; I over think it; I am NOT experienced enough to frame commercially. Plus, there is already an experienced framer in the family, my brother Stan - different personality type**.  I don't hold it against my father when he told me 'This took forever,' and I quietly ate my pride, he, my father, was the assistant on this particular one. 

Efficient framing is a 2 man sport:

 - one is 'the Beast' - leads; measures and is quick with the gun; extensive experience allows them to make quick-judgment calls without pausing - 'NO, no piece of lumber is perfect so get over it.'

- 'the Assistant' - equally important; cuts ON-DEMAND - accuracy is paramount as errors multiply in construction; 

CHapter 2 - Ok, so that's framing BUT you wrote about flooring...

That's true and I did that for a purpose. This was done to illustrate that one cannot be an 'efficient master of all'. We can only be master of things that are 'in-tune' with our personality type. Have you ever thought about that...? How personality types affect the work outcomes in trades...?

I personally do because that is an absolutely critical component to the success of any construction project where multiple trades are involved. Any trade that consistently does good quality work finds that work rewarding beyond just monetary remuneration - this is where it matters. I keep a little 'Black Book' of business contacts - trades that I have randomly met, befriended and was impressed with their work - THESE are the people I want to reach out to for a professional opinion; THESE are the individuals that I want to involve on my projects. 

To be continued...

**I wrote this before ------>  'the accuracy sensitivity scale' as I call it is like this:

Framers work to what I call a 'strong quarter' - trim carpenters work to 1/8 or less....