Sunday, October 31, 2021

Swedish Socialism - it's ON!

Picture shows Karol Kosnik's recording studio for his new SCHOOL and PODCAST - Swedish Socialism. It shows two Ikea trestles MITTBACK supporting Ikea's SINARP slab, which is of excellent quality and makes for a very sturdy worksurface. The desk is covered in KOMPLEMENT felt liners for increased comfort and to reduce sound reverberation while recording audio for the podcast. Standing on the desk is a hacked PAX box - it is shortened and strengthened with additional quality elements that extend its lifespan - lifetime box integrity warranty. The PAX box features custom elements including a pair of doors on top. Below the doors sit 2 solid, historic wood drawer faces. It is all illuminated with a large professional light. 

Chapter 1 - What is Swedish Socialism...?

---->  - some courses FREE, some courses $$;

----> It is on a platform called TEACHABLE;

----> Learn SKILLS, gain KNOWLEDGE, and UNDERSTAND the proper process of home improvement

If you are going to start with something then start with this:

The first thing I improved upon was the base - islands were solid, easy, and super-level. Kitchen cabinetry became easy, fast and accurate - even out the gaps, trim it out, add some custom elements and it looked like a million bucks. 

----> It is a LIFSTYLE - once you understand how to leverage the IKEA eco-system for yourself your LIFE will CHANGE - I promise that! 

** Ikea Hacker Lifestyle **
Furnishings, Food, Fashion + FAMILY

We are at this fascinating intersection in time - a housing crisis; runaway inflation; lack OR hard to access skilled, traditional workmanship; absolutely outrages pricing on basic interiors that lack functionality. 

Royal Bank of Canada [biggest Canadian bank], predicts that there will be some serious skills shortage that will lead to run-away pricing on basic home improvements - try to get something 'fancier' done!

And how about just plain straight up 'HOW TO' knowledge and understanding of how to get things done... like flooring...? It costs a ton of money and which one should you choose? What is a 'good value proposition'...? What is a good compromise...? What is the OPTIMUM SOLUTION, because that is what you want.

Today everyone captures your data and wants to be the middle man en-route to sell you something: a product or a service. Whole industries sprung up as 'gatekeepers to reputation' - hahahaha! what a JOKE! One of the worst painting experiences I have had professionally is currently a top rated painter on HOME STARS - it was easy, he promised me something that he did not do, a critical step in the process, literally the whole ceiling came down, F*CK is mildly put it, I blame myself because I wasn't there to hold his hand when he was painting. 

OR how about this one ----> made me FURIOUS! 

One of my closest friends, used to live just up the street from me - the unpredictability of home renovation forced him to up-size his house just before his second one was born few months back. 

He literally moved a week into the ~newly renovated~  house and had the baby. Within the next week, his heated bathroom floor tiles started popping off - both floors.  No warranty on the job because the tiles were done by a 'friend of the previous owner'. 

Yea.... 'friend of the previous owner' - you cannot imagine the trouble it is to fix this situation, how disruptive it is, how expensive it is...! 

The title says it all: Everything you ever wanted to know about floors, but DIDN'T know you need to ask...! ps. I did that floor in the picture - it's my favourite of all times.