Friday, January 7, 2022

Swedish Socialism - inflation... Inflation!..... INFLATION


[picture shows dramatic overnight price increases on IKEA's website for the FINNALA couch]

Chapter 1 - PRICES going UP, UP.... UP!

I know that I always talk about Swedish Socialism being able to protect you from the dramatic inflationary activity happening across the market, but it seems that IKEA is not immune to it. 

If you always wanted FINNALA but you don't have it sitting in your living room right now, then you will have to pay the higher price now. That's a pretty steep jump - for me it would me. 

I'm on Reddit r/IKEA and r/IkeaHacks and have noticed a slew of posts from individual users of overnight price increases - everything from couches, to shelving, to 'chackas, dudas and flim-flam'. 

[picture shows a discussion on subReddit IKEA about significant price increases to upholstered goods]

Chaper 2 - Ikea's iconic food is missing too!

I am in a habit of re-creating the Swedish Menu at home for my babies - various meatballs, veggies, latkas, etc. You really can't beat those products for convenience, nutritional value, taste and Swedishness.... hahahaha! But ALAS... the other day I stepped in an BOOM ------>

[picture shows a screenshot showing a note at IKEA store informing shoppers of shortage in Ikea's iconic meatballs]

This was a bit concerning to me. And I will be frank... I am expecting even higher prices and more instability. 

If you are thinking of doing an Ikea-centred reno - WHY? Savings!!! - then I would say start going at it, otherwise it might be a decade before we return to 'normalcy'. Just my advice.