Sunday, May 1, 2022

The work for the 1% never stops - the impeding Creativity Crisis

pictures shows a sanding station in a professional, high end shop; in the foreground is a large custom laid-up veneer panel being sanded to perfection; 

Chapter 1 - the work for the 1% never stops

I am currently making white oak whiter and I say that without prejudice. Strange times are upon us, as those with wealth and means are able to afford a less stressful, more meaningful lives. 

Where I currently reside I get to experience and challenge my skills and efficiency - I proudly say that I make gains and improvements every single day. Can we beat the estimate...? Is there a better more efficient way of delivering uncompromising quality...?

I love my hobby bossman - we think like 1 mind. 

I am a bit sad that I can't deliver this type of work more widely, that the access remains prohibitively expensive, that I have to 'fall under my bossman's umbrella' to gain access to this type of activities. 

That is precisely why I think the school is so important. Handy Design - Modern Ideas is about bringing the same level of ideas and concepts to average and ordinary interiors - you are lucky if you have managed to secure your own space at reasonable cost and now you have to make it work in an optimum fashion. 

The scariest thing, perhaps least understood, is the Poverty of Creativity - because access to creative skilled labour is the key ingredient for successful renovation. Anybody you will invite your space will try to sell you something regardless of fit. Deceptive marketing, not understanding the process, 'the mystique of trade' there are numerous ways of making you go for something that is completely not in your best interest. 

And who knows what is in YOUR best interest best - it's you. 

When you are educated and knowledgeable it is easy to make decisions and spend money wisely. I currently contribute to r/Flooring, r/IKEA and r/IKEAHacks as a Subject Matter Expert and let me tell you that the demand for knowledge and experience is unprecedented! There is only so many trades people to do the work! And if you think I am joing then read this story I found on r/Flooring! 

 Watch this Video it explains better!