Saturday, July 23, 2022

Swedish Socialism 2


I spend 25 hours a week thinking. 

When Handy Design - Modern Ideas school was conceived it was founded on the backbone of stable and constant demand for reliable and creative information. 

The COVID induced shortages coupled with the war in Ukraine completely unwound the traditional business model of Ikea Hacking and pushed more emphasis on Peak Furnishings - the development of ideas. 

Inflation is stoked my the traditional model of Capitalism - shortages cause prices to spike. Labour pool has shrank dramatically - we have reached a historic stage in human evolution where it's the 'availability of human hand' that is the only restriction on profits. This is why it is critical that companies secure a dependable labour pool now.

Two tweets by Bank of Canada caught my attention. One was the announcement of withdrawal of sale of Canadian bonds that would mature in 2063; the other one about the Bank of Canada undertaking a study of 'human attention and its productivity'. 

Ha! the last bastion of personal space - our attention - about to be regulated. Regulated, but how? How do you regulate the second most valuable commodity that each of us, as individuals, have - first one being what we do with our free time; some choose to work. 

Last year IKEA rsvp'ed to my show. Since that time I have been thinking about how to move forward on this. IKEA represents a major cog within Swedish Socialism - remember we leverage what is best of Capitalism on the most granular level possible, the individual [vs. Capitalism bringing prosperity to the masses]. 

Swedish Socialism is a step above Capitalism, we turn it around and as individuals become the greatest benefactors. Our individuality, our diversity is our Greatest Common Good.

What if countries will start actively preventing emmigration? Our traditional model of 'human movement is antiquated.'

[To be continued]