Monday, November 21, 2022

The SCHOOL is the future.

 Chapter 1 The School is the FUTURE

Some people will never be able to find employment, because we are experiencing an economic contraction on 'evolutionary level of capitalism'. Capitalism is remaking itself as you are consuming this content.

picture shows a book laying on a desktop titled Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher;

On the other hand if your skill is in demand, then you will remain in demand and be able to command good wages, as supplying the wealthy with objects they are told they desire  is a never ending process - it's called marketing. 

picture shows a large very high-end 'whiter white oak' side panel in a professional finishing booth; it has an arrow drawn on it pointing to the solid wood edging at the bottom - this solid piece prevents water penetration and prevents the panel from swelling up and disintegrating prematurely.

We are running out of babies and they are becoming a precious commodity - both their labour and attention.  Labour and Attention -  two most precious commodities individuals have and investors are noticing. 

picture shows a young man's new apartment with pieces of furniture being assembled, strewn all over the freshly done Luxury Vinyl Plank, covered with an area rug, floor.

Everywhere I go, I improve things and then leave and they miss me. It feels really rewarding after all these years of diligent labour. My resume below,