Totally Custom and Unnecessary

I title this page this way for a reason. My passion is furniture design. I studied it. I practice it. I even regularly write about furniture design - on the pages of my Facebook blog - Buckskin Baby Review and other venues such as the Toronto Design Offsite festival website.  Occasionally, I sneak it - passion for crazy furniture design -  into the jobs I am working on - will upload some pics soon.

Here is the link 2 my Insta account:

[edit:] I felt greatly compelled to react to the recent second wave of Trudeau-Mania sweeping our great and humble Canadian soil, not to mention the global attention he received for his attractive masculine looks. As I read the polls, he came in first for 'best hair', 'most handsome politician', 'greatest political comeback in Canadian history'. And then I go to ABET to pick up some laminates, and I see this amazing sheet - from the Memphis collection, it's the Liberal Red and so fashionable. And I instantly imagine the face of the most attractive politician in the world, Justin Trudeau, on that sheet of fashionable Italian laminate, with his most striking look yet  - 'Le Tigre'. 


"Furniture design is mostly an expensive hobby", a fellow furniture designer friend told me once, and I agree. Until you are insanely famous the market for your 'flare for the dramatique'  is minimal. 

So there, I decided to link my practical work to the completely impractical.


Two of the pieces that you will see - Stan Stool and Jackie Treehorn coffee table have been stolen. So, keep your eyes open my friends....they will have to turn up somewhere, sometime... 

But hey! Sometimes creative individuals need advice on how to realize their dreams. Some of the most spectacular things in the world are built out of wood – the possibilities are endless. With my strong mathematical background; thorough knowledge of woodworking methods and techniques; a good understanding of wood, its properties and behaviour, I can help you resolve your questions or help to fabricate your vision.

Dear Architect or Designer,

Geometrically unorthodox cabinetry, gravity defying cantilevers, load bearing architectural installations [it could be just a deck...], I can provide you with solid advice on your project.