The SHOW! The SHOW: Swedish Socialism 2;

The school is the future - Handy Design Modern Ideas. Last year when it was launched we still had 'world peace' and a stable and predictable economy. I even recorded a short video inviting you to 'come join me and change the world'...

That message has fallen sideways, as today the order of business is shortages of building blocks of Swedish Socialism [read the blog!] and unstoppable inflation [remember those well dressed, important people in suits telling you that it was all transitory..?]

Swedish Socialism 2: GO West is the next step in Peak Furnishings, and a necessary one - you cannot afford to put your life on hold. Swedish Socialism 2 merges your lifestyle with the QUALITY you desire and expect when paying today's pricing for knowledge, labour and materials.

When the 'budget for boxes' goes from $200k to $80k people notice. But do you have to be in that range to realize the significant benefits of Swedish Socialism..? The answer is not at all. ANY1 can benefit from making right purchasing decisions at smallest level. 

I personally expect for my hard earned money to go as far as it can possibly go and I am not afraid to put in a bit of elbow grease to make it happen. Ask yourself if spending 10% more $$ is not worth doubling the lifespan of a product..? And how about this question: are you willing to spend some 1-on-1 time with already existing product - I show you exactly how - to give it that 'million dollar look and experience', that you desire..? Yes, I do that for myself, even tho I live in a very modest rental. Everyday my 'almost grown by now babies' bathe themselves in super high-end design without realizing it... because why? Living 'a good life' is about quiet modesty and simple pleasures - you don't have to think about it at all, you simply live it. 

Swedish Socialism 2: GO West is about outrages, 'upper 1%, top 2% for quality' finishes that make sense on any economic level and that's my favourite part. I believe that it is irrelevant for you to hear about 'famouse people' I built for, because the most important design dilemma in the world is.... you ready?... YOURS.

'Your Individuality, our Greatest Common Good,' - Karol Kosnik, Swedish Socialism;

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