Friday, October 7, 2016

Hacking PAX - how to install IKEA's Fardal doors [ a regular door opening]

Chapter 1 - Hacking PAX - high gloss FARDAL

I think I've exhausted the topic why it makes sense to hack the PAX - IKEA's closet lines - you can click 'PAX' label at the bottom of this entry and it will take you to my 'hacking PAX' stories. 

I think IKEA's high gloss white FARDAL doors are the most often requested item to be hacked. They are just nice doors - AND made in Sweden too! - Swedish quality!

Any time you want to install a PAX doors you need to create a frame that will go into the opening first. It needs to go in square and level - otherwise the door worn't work properly - they will rub and 'bump'.

Here is the frame that I built - it's pretty big - the PAX doors are big. 

[picture shows a frame the is used to install IKEA's Fardal doors]

You can watch the video too! I also talk about the importance of 'reducing quality contrast'.   WHAT?!! Yea, watch the video, you will find out what I am talking about. You will gain a better understanding why people hire me to do the work that I do.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

OMG! The IKEA bicycle!

[picture shows IKEA bicycle on display at IKEA Etobicoke]

Chapter 1 - OMG! The IKEA bicycle.

What furniture company, or any other company for that matter, in their product line-up, includes a bicycle? Yes, I know - companies do that all the time - cross brand across products. Ferrarri does matching luggage sets; Mercedes Benz does roof-racks AND [this is on the side] I know Porsche does a Blackberry phone [losers! Blackberry just got out of the hardware! Losers! You know what that means for me?! I am gonna get the BB Passport at a rock bottom price! Loser! I hear them say - nah! I think for $300 bucks it is a good piece of hardware+software and comes with a 128gig SD expansion card! Right on - I hate being gouged for extra storage on my phone! For privacy, I can take out that card and put a new one in, if I want]. 

I will say that - for having a very well designed* bicycle in their line up product is a incredibly forward thinking move. Imagine? Where does a corporation want to be? It wants to be leader - continuous, consistent growth. And where is that growth? An urban bicycle. Did you know that most Japanese youth living in incredibly dense urban settings do not see 'a car ownership' as any sort of status symbol, let alone a need for a vehicle? Japanese cities are a well developed, high density urban settings - imagine standing at the top of a very tall building and looking in all directions and seeing nothing but a city. That's the future - we just can't all own vehicles - they are inefficient. 

So I am a total bicycle moron. I inherited a very good, all aluminum bicycle, top of the line hardware - cannondale. To me it looks all the same. But I know people who are bicycle fiends - whose life is all bicycles. They almost ride for a living. They have a deep understanding and appreciation for that lifestyle - that's right - a lifestyle! 

So when I read about the IKEA bicycle - I was intrigued. IKEA knew that it has to step out of its comfort zone - it had to hire outside expertise to be taken seriously - and they chose well! A RED DOT DESIGN AWARD! I think it was a smart move - IKEA is not known for good bicycle design, they are known for their furnishings - right now they are experimenting with 'paper furniture'. Yeezus! Really? I know that it is the future, but it will be at least 2 generations before that is widely accepted - so it is coming. IKEA is smart to start musing about it now. 

But back to the bicycle. I tested in store! I just couldn't resist. I stepped in briefly to purchase some Fardal doors - will post some pics later - and there I see 2 bicycles setup right at the entrance to the store! Unisex, grey aluminum colour, cool IKEA sticker on the frame. Going back to being a bicycle ignoramus - IKEA bikes don't have chains, they've got belts. 

[to be continued]

*Red Dot Award! That's pretty serious! AND it comes with an incredible range of affordable accessories! Cutest design feature ever - the bell!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Confessions of an IKEA Hacker - Kallarp Door Review!

Chapter 1

I haven't installed a single Kallarp door yet! It just hasn't come up in any project so far. From a design standpoint, I think it is much easier to go with a white high gloss doors - I want to call it a very safe, clean choice - a nice reasonable choice. I think anytime you are selecting a colour door [grey don't count! - I also think grey is 'safe choice'] you are making a statement that requires greater thought around other finishes. 

Just sayin'.

Is Kallarp green? Grey? or Blue?

Here! You can watch the Kallarp door review here

[picture shows IKEA Kallarp door that has been cut across to expose the core]