Wednesday, December 30, 2020

the 2020 FRIHETEN sofa reupholster project - pandemic edition;

Picture shows FRIHETEN pullout sofa bed 3 seater with an optional chaise on the right. This is the model that I had re-upholstered. Arrows point to the chaise on the left and the hidden/stored away pull out section. 

Chapter 1 - FRIHETEN sofa - IKEA's entry level sofa;

Entry level sofas are there for a reason - to capture the largest market share - and I am certain that IKEA has been successful there. People hate this couch tho. It has a very poor rating - only 2.2 stars [out of 5] - and that includes on the IKEA's own website. I am here to change your mind - the poor rating comes from the wear and tear that occurs during the lifespan of the couch. There are number of elements of the couch that directly contribute to the comfort that the user experiences - the springs, the backer fabric cover, the foam, the batting and finally the fabric cover itself - when these elements break, wear out or shift the discomfort starts. 

Picture shows a well loved, heavily used, fully unfolded FRIHESTEN sofa that had the pull out section deconstructed - the upholstery, the batting, the foam and the backer fabric has been removed to clearly illustrate the softwood frame. 

We've had ours for 6 years now with daily use, including sleeping and vigorous jumping by children [to the point that I thought it is going to break, me, as a furniture maker was worried about labour hours required to fix things]. 2020 with the lock downs has had us stuck at home for a lot longer than we liked, and since the couch is also part the gaming center it has received significantly more use. Then a spring broke - leading to the foam collapsing - and the sofa become uncomfortable.

How long should sofas last? 6 years? 10 years? I would say that our sofa received above average usage, high usage, heavy usage - no two ways about it. Look at this pictorial - this is the anatomy of FRIHETEN sofa -

Picture shows a cross section of IKEA's Friheten sofa clearly outlining each element of the design. Arrows point to the three elements that I recommend upgrading and replacing - batting, foam, back cover fabric;

This is essentially the anatomy of any 'modern sofa' - I know I am generalizing, but you get the picture - 'squarish seats, sides and back + puffy pillows for back rests and side rests' look PLUS whatever legs you get.  It's soft and supportive where most of your butt hits, got some flexible back support and it is comfortable enough that you can fall asleep on it. 

When I was in Design School I got a scholarship to work for Canadian equivalent of Herman Miller - Nienkamper. I spent two months working the floor across various departments - I met some incredible, creative, inventive craftspeople! My favourite department tho - hands down! - was the upholstery. They do some really, really nice stuff - designer stuff too - there is only so many recipes for for modern sofas. 

Theoretically I could have re-created a high-end version of FRIHETEN - built a 'proper hardwood frame', make up better legs [the original are cheap plastic, but the do the job]. And then sell it for a million dollars to the consumer - that's how it works in the high end sofa business. 

But why? For what reason? If this FRIHETEN has not collapsed so far - I completely agree with the designers making the right choices when it came to materials - what would be gained if functionality is not affected? The upholstery frames were European softwood, but well selected for straight grain with minimal warp. The finger joint was strong and stapled properly, adhesive likely used - thumbs up. The torsion boxes for the sofa were rigid and strong - baltic birch for greatest loads, moving onto organic 3/4 particle core for structure with some 1/4 mdf for non-load bearing skins. If I were to optimized a production costs for a 100 000 sofa run I would make the same decisions - nothing in structural integrity is compromised. 

As to the complaints of it 'squeaking', run-aways and 'general wobbliness' - it's all tied to loose hardware. Grab your Allen keys periodically and adjust all fasteners - wood gets compressed and loses that 'tightness' - 1 full turn can work wonders. This is just a function of the incredible modularity and flexibility of the design. If I knew that this FRIHETEN sofa is never coming apart I'd just throw in some silicone beads in the right spots ~and you done~


Picture shows a newly re-upholstered FRIHETEN sofa bed, without cushions, fully unfolded. The sofa looks clean, and plump and the original fabric - which was washed and air dried before being re-installed - looks brand new with minimal wear. 

Something had to be done. We either buy a new sofa or ...... what? How do you go shopping for a sofa in the middle of a pandemic lock down? You tell me. We don't really trust a lot of reviews - point being our FRIHETEN, we loved it, and now love it even more that it is practically ~luxurious~. 

I have to say that my butt has the final say on any piece of 'seating' in my house. So any on-line purchases were OUT.

I knew exactly what to expect from FRIHETEN - it was utilitarian cheap entry model that worked well for us. Can I repeat its success? Can I improve on the design? Can I fix all the flaws that were annoying me, and it seemed a whole bunch of other FRIHETEN owners? 

I know basic upholstery principles of slabs - that all this IKEA sofa is - what if I replace the worn out foam with something that is top-line? Since the original upholstery fabric must have stretched over the years of usage, I figure I can cheat and use 1" thick, quality batting vs. the original 1/2" 'cheap thing'. The synthetic backer over the springs has been worn out - what if I replace it with some heavy heavy gauge cloth that will further provide support and protect the foam from wearing out against the springs? YES to all. 

Picture shows the replacement batten, foam, and the backer fabric all laid out on a bench next to the bare FRIHETEN frame. I just stepped in from the the cold - dang it! it's freezing!

**A note about the ORIGINAL FABRIC:**

It is great. It held up incredible well over the years - even with all the spills and messes. It held up to to all the vacuuming, spot cleaning and 'wash-downs'. There were no snags, tears or rips and the joints were all solid - this is why it made sense to re-use the upholstery. All staples were removed with care to ensure that no damage was done to the fabric - that was probably my least favourite part of the job - long, tedious, and requiring care. But you got to do it.

Picture shows a close-up overhead shot of a staple removal by carefully lifting it with the blade of a flathead screw-driver. Once the crown was lifted, I used basic pliers to gently pull the staples fully out. 

Once they are all gone you can gently peel of the fabric and wash it - I used the gentlest, wool-only cashmere quality organic stuff, pre-soaked for hours.  I kid you not, it came out looking so good and clean and fresh that I was very impressed. It was not stretched by any means [and even if it did stretch I already had a plan in place for that with the thicker, best quality batting, 1" vs. 1/2" original].

I would say that my fabric got 'beyond abuse' or any 'rational use'. Children used to party on it, hard. It was a fort, it was a spaceship with multiple battles and multiple casualties on multiple levels [because you don't necessarily need to 'flip up' the pull out for use; when playing we would often lower it.] We played wrestling - my character was always the same - 'Pencil Pusher'. My signature move was 'the Scorpion' which I followed with 'the Slap Back' - I fully indulged my boys' firm belief in reality of wrestling for those brief periods of time in their life. FRIEHETEN held up so well and that's why I was so distressed about it breaking down. No way was I gonna let go a good friend. 

Peak Pandemic required to literally pull some strings at my favourite upholstery store so they would let me in - I picked a nice, full size foam slab, enough to cover the 3 sections of FRIEHETEN. It almost doubles the price of foam if you get it cut in-house, so you save money by cutting yourself. ALSO - I actually made my foam larger, about 3/4" over all - for a fuller look. It ends up looking 'less crisp' but the thicker batting and oversized foam are super comfortable - or should I say, just the way I like it. 

**Foam density can be a tricky thing**

 Some people like it firm and some like it soft. From the industry insider I know that the mattress business is a one big sham, in a way. Profit margins are ridiculous, competitors are bought out creating near monopolies and a guy who ran an accountability / review website for foam mattresses got sued by the industry - all true. 

For me sitting is a three part move. There is the first initial landing on the fabric - I prefer stiff, curt, utilitarian fabrics [like the FRIHETEN] - they last long and are easy to clean. Leather is not my preferred choice - skin on leather never feels right. 

Second is the 'soft support give' - provided by the batting; I like thick. Original FIREHETEN batting is 1/2" measly little thing - completely wore thru. 

[To be continued]

Monday, December 28, 2020

The 2020 Wrap up + THIS IS THE FUTURE

Chapter 1 - 2020 Wrap Up

2020 was not an easy year. I am always a value shopper, so when I found myself among the hordes, before the pandemic was officially announced, on the floor of Costco my first instinct was to head out for Personal Protective Equipment - gloves mainly then a jug of sanitizer, masks are second nature to me in the shop. Since that time I've gotten used to lines and ordering more on-line - but it is a burden. Safety first is my mantra - I don't want to get Covid-19, I don't want to give it to my family or clients. Stay safe out there and get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available. We are all in this together.

I still have a job. Pretty much work every day, as mix of thinking, writing, and 'computer work' and shop time. I love 'shop time' - I am in charge of my own designs and I build them to the quality that I personally desire, as if I am building for myself. It may appear that Ikea Hacking is this glam thing that I do, and I love being a 'fancy designer with my clickity-clack shoes' [it's the sound of the heel on a fancy shoe when it hits a hard floor at an empty skyscraper lobby at night] I think of myself more of a 'life optimizer'] - and it is - but a lot of behind the scenes work is boring, repetitive and monotonous and no artist or writer brush can paint it in any other terms. But the fruits of the labour are rewarding, clients love the quality of work. 

Marketing?  AI does it for me - the future is AD-less my friends and I will write more about it. I declare the year 2021 to be the YEAR OF LESS. Content again is king and nothing is going to replace that. And by the way, Jules - from - is doing god's work.

What do I mean by Year of LESS - oh, I mean LESS of everything. There will less money to go around starting from design, purchasing, fabrication and building. Budgets will achieve less. It is PERFECT time for IKEA Hacking. Over the course of this year I will show you some really, really nice IKEA Hack kitchens - IKEA Hack kitchen is a kitchen that is taken out of the IKEA Kitchen Planner language. Hey! did you know that Architectural Digest - probably world's fanciest interior design magazine; $$$$$ we are talking big big money here] - did a little write up about an IKEA hack kitchen? Yea! For realZ - read it here. It's a very cute story. 

'It's not going to look like you have another kitchen in your living room', I say to a every client during the consultation - 2021 is going to be the year of the SEKTION box. One metric of that, I will say with confidence, is the fact that IKEA is running out of room on the wall for their doors! There is just SO MUCH CHOICE! But which doors are the best? Which are the most durable? Which will resist scratches and kitchen accidents best? Which ones are easy to clean and to maintain? I promise I will do another JUST DOORS post where I will give you an overview of what it means to own IKEA doors and I will give you a personal reflection of owning IKEA doors myself. 

To Be Continued....

Thursday, November 26, 2020

SHAMELESS - IKEA Hacks for the rich** + The End of High Priests of Design - SHOW

 Chapter 1 - The SHOW --> GIVE AWAY -  this piece

Yes, I am doing a give away. This is one of the coolest Ikea Hacks that I have ever done. It's very professional and features Design History my friends! The top, sides and the legs are covered in a vintage Italian laminate - ABET Diafos - that laminate has a lot of depth; it's like ice except coloured. 

I think it will end up as a virtual 2 hour presentation.

RSVP - to me here --- >

Will keep you posted further:

Here is the link to the actual event:



The last bastion of Good Taste has fallen - Architectural Digest publishes a story on a cute IKEA Hack - a clever design by a budget-humbled architect. It reads like a Design Fairy Tale: a creative individual used to absolute luxury in terms of budgets, suddenly faces the hard realities of 'tiny-budget' - I think it is actually his own place! 

If you don't know about Architectural Digest then I don't blame you. I have been aware of Architectural Digest for quite some time yet I never felt inclined to pick up a copy for myself - it's really out of my league; Elegant Opulance is not my style; Casual Elegance is. I did try to psychoanalyze thus dilemma, including allowing the possibility that I would never be able to afford such interiors - TRUE. I guess the saving grace in all this 'psychoanalysis' was the fact that I, as a craftsperson, have in the past built for the rich and the ultra-rich and are familiar with their world thru that experience. I have extensive experience making super-rich and influential comfortable - because it is essentially down to 'comfort' - that is the ultimate luxury.

Now, what if....... YOU WERE ABLE TO CREATE EXACTLY THE SAME LEVEL OF COMFORT BUT FOR YOURSELF......? What if you were able to educate yourself on your 'design personality' and based on that acquire 'small skills' that would let you execute improvements in your own life? Huh? SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THE RAMIFICATIONS. 

This concept, I consider, to completely blur the lines between the rich and 'the poor' - aka 'people with budgets'. 

To be continued!

Picture shows well designed and well executed IKEA Hack kitchen on the mobile site of Architectural Digest. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blue AXSTAD review! - BEST door of 2020!

[picture is an overhead shot; picture shows a designer mood board - BARKABODA walnut herringbone countertop is paired with blue AXSTAD doors along with a sample of pure white countertop from Porcelanosa]

Chaper 1 - Blue AXSTAD Review

Oh hello! I know it has been tough getting into IKEA. I miss those days where I would just stroll in and take up morning residence in the back of IKEA's restaurant with that bottomless coffee for $1 [or FREE if you have IKEA Family card!]...

picture shows a closeup corners of blue AXSTAD door with a pure white Porcelanosa slab on a walnut herringbone countertop BARKABODA 

Chapter 2 - The DOOR

I would love to write up a  long long review outlining all the reasoning behind it, but time is precious! I have some incredible opportunities coming up for me, and I want to make sure that they all go off excellent. 

Here it goes: 

A] You will never regret getting these doors. I thought that I loved the Grey Axstad [which is a quality improvement over the White Axstad; see my YouTube review of White Axstad HERE], but these dark, formal, elegant BLUE Axstad doors take the cake. Obviously they are a particular look and you would need to coordinate everything else around them - it's a very demanding door; because it is so 'high end', they in-turn demand a high-end design and finishes around them. Brass and gold would look amazing paired up with that door - look at WALNUT! Dark, warm, natural woods would be a luxurious pairing - I like natural wood because it is 'pure and unadulterated, just nature' vs. stained, which occasionally I see done badly.

B] They will act like a 'high end door' - they are heavier, thicker and put together with IKEA's new, 'super slim' hinge [you can say good bye to those chunky grey pistons; no savings from IKEA here tho, higher price, which should be lower, but you got to make up your profit margins somewhere right?] they will have a motion of a 'nice, refined doors'. It's hard for me to describe the sound 'ahhh' the first time the doors close on a client. Everyone is impressed - it's such a simple 'elevation'. 

C] DESIGN wise - think of them as a NAVY Uniform - elegant, professional - any finishes that exude those qualities will work - herringbone for floors if you can afford - wood or tile. Dark floors will work particularly well - here is a great, 'cheap option' - I love the look of dark, pre-finished parquet. It is cheaper than strip flooring, it has a 'rich texture' look because of all the little wood pieces [there is varieties of parquet tiles! look into it! you may find one you love!]. I've done tons of high end condos in parquet back in my flooring days. Trim on the wall, any panelling - Yeezus! just open up any fancy magazine, find the pic you love matching the doors and copy the look! 

It's that easy, and the doors are GORGEOUS!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

IKEA and CORONA - a transformation required

Chapter 1 - IKEA, I'm sorry 

IKEA is closed. I'm sad. 

I'm sorry that I did not appreciate you enough. I miss being taken for a ride around your store by self-following arrows while gathering little functional chachkas and putting them in an oversized yellow bag.  I miss being able to quickly switch between different sofas, throwing my body mindlessly around - fun times with children will never be the same. 

IKEA diner was my second office, a home away from home. That bottomless $1 coffee kept me going many mornings while I was designing, drafting and measuring tape in hand, confirming actual dimensions on actual products. It was SUPER fun times. 

I knew the kitchen design team well - their confused faces of always seeing me there working with the planner or looking at doors. 

To be continued...

PS. I think if there is going to be one victim of this Corona virus pandemic it will the AS-IS Section. Yup, I think it is gone for good. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

How to CHOSE TILES for your project.

Picture shows a piece of ceramic flooring found on rocky shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada. 

Chapter 1 - Change my VIEW: Tiles are the most EXCITING part of any project. 

I think tiles are the most exciting part of any project and I will tell you why. There is only very few tiles that will satisfy the requirements of your particular project. I know that showrooms are full of - what seems to many - endless opportunities to cover your floor or wall or whatever with pretty ceramics in various shapes and sizes and that is the precisely the challenge. 

One of my mentors, a Chinese shop floorman at commercial millwork place I worked at, told me to always start my design process with my most limiting element. In my opinion, the most limiting aspect on any project are the ceramic options. That's right, ceramic options

I think people who just chose tiles for colour or tone are missing out on a great part of their design experience - you can do a LOT, even with large format.  I also consider the colour and tone of my tiles, but another category that I ALWAYS consider is rhythm

Think of it like this - everyone has a different taste in music and all songs have a beat. Sometimes that beat is fast and sometimes that beat is slow. Sometimes songs are energetic and sometimes they are mellow. Now imagine playing a song - or maybe even better yet! a playlist! - and that music bounces off the hard tiled surface and hits yours ears back. Sometimes you want the space to have a busy, useful vibe and sometimes you want calm serenity spa thing going. Theoretically both spaces could use a 'green tile' - but that 'green tile' would be dramatically opposite of each other. An energetic, useful green would have more rhythm to it - like telling your special other to 'hurry up with the dinner because the kids are hungry and you might even step in to help with it'. A spa green would be more like sage and silver and the tile would have to be longer that wider - the psychology of design is quite fun to do!


Always make sure you have enough room to 'develop the pattern'. This is especially true for backsplash tiles! I've seen some really spectacular  [but still tasteful!] little mosaics that just completely capture you - at a $$$$. BUT if you don't have the space - meaning the pattern should be able to repeat itself at least 2, better 3 times - then there is no point purchasing it. Exactly as I just said - you have to be able to repeat 'the pattern' at least 2-3 times for it to look good. ALSO, consider adjacent surfaces - mitering and matching small mosaics will a dramatically LOOOOONG way for it to look spectacular.  My 2cents. 

Have fun with your tiles. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Gray AXSTAD door - REVIEW - a great DESIGNER choice option for kitchens

[picture shows a series of IKEA door in an IKEA showroom, with the NEW Gray Axstad door being pointed out]

I have not been this excited since IKEA introduced the WHITE AXSTAD. I think the Gray AXSTAD is a perfect choice for designer kitchen - add three of these simple [simple, in relation to the kitchen] elements and you have taken your project OUT of the IKEA kitchen planner language [so it doesn't look like every other generic Gray Axstad kitchen]; you retain the amazing 25 year warranty [no more worries about replacement doors or drawer fronts] AND you made it yours AND it looks like a million buck$!

Stay tuned for the video!


Thursday, February 6, 2020

Getting Work done in Toronto 2020 - predictions

[picture shows a failed tile installation, all tiles failed and it took approximately 2 years for all the failures to occur  -  a large, 12x12 tile popped off cleanly from the middle of the floor with no sign of adhesive on the back. This failure occured because of the improperly prepared sub-floor that has too much flex as well as failure of the adhesive to bond to the tile because it was mixed too dry, as well as not 'back-buttering' of the bonding surface. 'Back-buttering' refers to a practice of applying a thin, wet layer of adhesive to the back of  large and 'large-format'  tiles before placing it into the adhesive on the floor].

[picture shows an octagonal, marble-like tile installed properly, and in a visually optimum fashion. The grout lines are skinniest that the irregular, paver-type allows for; the shower curb is finished and capped in identical tiles that have been beveled at 45 degrees mitre joints to ensure cleanest and minimalist look. Studio Kosnik considers this type of installation optimized, as it results in cleanest and most unobtrusive look for small spaces - almost required]

Chapter 1 - Toronto Reno Challenges

The Toronto renovation scene is a cluster-f*ck. You heard me right. I will start off by saying that one indication of such situation is the tool rental scene - it is next to impossible to rent-out a tile-chipper from my favourite tool rental place. The manager said that it is cheaper for trades to hold on to the tool and pay the penalties then to return it and rent it again. Whaaat....?!!!

Another anecdote I can share with you was that I was recently invited to quote a project at a very, very prestigious location in Toronto - virtually the heart of Toronto. Imagine that back in the day Toronto started as a series of concentric circular roads, with the circles growing larger and larger, until they grew too big and the city planners started using 'the grid' [look it up on Google Maps, it's TRUE!]. I go into this house to take measurements while the movers are hurriedly bringing in the wares and I start chatting up the client - what are her plans for this space, what's the split between functional and display storage.... you know, the usual.  After the chat we break and I start measuring. And as I am walking around measuring I start noticing all the deficiencies. 

Don't get me wrong - there definitely was a designer on the project - the floors are really nice, the cabinetry is nice, a glass clad staircase leading upstairs.... But..... the painting - it's easy to roll a roller but it is infinitely more challenging when 'cutting' a dark colour against a white ceiling, and in this instance, honestly, it looks like the painter took the shirt off his back, dipped in paint and ran it on the wall against the ceiling. Clearly the second coat was not done. Then I walk by the kitchen cabinets.... I can see that the grain is matched vertically on the doors, but there is this hazy residue along all the edges. You know what that is? - every part of the manufacturing process requires hand labour - and it was skipped in this instance - the buffers on the edgebander did great job at removing most of the excess adhesive but nobody bothered to wipe it of completely off the edges. Uh-oh..... the housekeeper will definitely be spending time trying to polish this off, while this should have been caught at the quality control level before it left the shop. AND this was a custom kitchen, AND this is what I was able to gather just visually in 1hr....

SO what is the problem? 
I will tell you - there is shortage of skilled trades. 

While the General Contractor grabs your contract he will have to sub all the work out, and his 'great relationship with 40 other trades people' is NOT a good indicator of the quality of work that you will end up with. Clearly the above mentioned 'prestige project' - because this is how I would classify it - did not get the attention of his '40 trades'. 

There are some trades that translate well to low-cost labour. Things like painting or demolition, or even drywalling are great for that. All it is, is a lot of hand labour or heavy lifting that needs to be closely and carefully supervised. The key being 'closely and carefully'. I can say it with certainty that there was no oversight on the above project - trades came and went and made their own decisions - for better or worse.

Chapter 2 - BIG challenge for little projects

Do you want to know what the BIGGEST challenge is for little projects? It is precisely that your project is small. Any trade out there want to grab BIG contracts - many times ads on Kijiji [that is where I advertise] will have a minimum - electrician will specify that he or she is looking to install minimum 10 potlights. The moment he or she hears that:

A] it is just 2 pot lights + vanity mirror and move the GFI;
B] Electrical Safety Authority inspections required;
C] License and Insurance required before stepping onto property

and they are OUT! Ghosting you on the phone and not responding to texts. And this is personal experience. 

The moment the tile installer hears that it is a tiny powder room of 50 square feet - even in a 'million dollar condo' - they are OUT! Nobody wants to take on such tiny projects, well, because they pay tiny relative to the size. So say the installer is weighing his prospects and he has two choices:

A] tiny powder room in a difficult to access condominium building with terrible and expensive parking; he or she will be required spend 3 half days on-site to finish the project - AND if you are doing half-days then you might as well be doing full days; tiles picked for the project are incredibly fussy and expensive and require lots of skill and prep AND setting up the wet-tile saw on the balcony of the unit AND the client already lives there...

B] A nice big open, empty, easy access, large house in a suburb with no work hours limits; we are talking acres and acres of large, easy to lay tiles AND you can work on the weekends.

So? Which one do you think it is going to be? 
Yup, that is the dilemma - SIZE of the projects ALWAYS matters. 

Trades are only motivated by money, friends. Any relationship that a General Contractor, as a manager, has with the sub-trades is purely financial and related  directly to how well and how timely he/she pays. I always pay my trades on time and will often pre-pay them a portion of the project just to coax them ahead of anybody else they might consider. OR, I just do it myself. 

Chapter 3 - Timing of the project

Timelines are completely arbitrary. In today's Toronto reno markets trades show up when it is convenient for them - ask anyone who already renovated their space and they will confirm. If you want more 'stability and predictability' then you need to pay more. Why? You are paying for all the overhead of managing - there is boss, who tells his employees to go THERE and do THIS. But the boss also wants to take his cut - probably around 20%, but at least you have somebody to complain to about when things go south. 

To be continued....

PS. Oh! and if you don't believe me that things like that routinely happen, then  check out this instagram page that I follow out of curiosity. This is a great example that clearly illustrates the lack of standards across the industry. And the funny/sad part is that the 'luxury builder' is attempting to justify ALL those things - yes! he provides 'rebuttals'! It would be funny if it was not so sad.

A million dollar home built without any oversight, right here in the GTA.... by a 'luxury builder'.... 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Peak Furnishings 2020 - Afterthoughts.

CHapter 1 - Thank YOU!

Yes, thank you everyone. Thank you everyone who came. Thank you everyone who RSVPed but didn't come - I missed you! Thank you everyone who read the description and felt intrigued and curious about Peak Furnishings. 

It is those little lasting bits that are planted and then slowly influence the decision making process. 

I don't know if I should say it like that, but it seems that I have a 'groupie' - a 'super fan'. Of course I remembered her and she loves my work. I don't blame her, I love my work myself. She said - 'Karol, you GOT to promote yourself more! You would have MORE people coming.' 

'True,' I thought. But that would require me to spend more time and effort into the show, for starters. I would likely to have to spend more money advertising it too [I just get the electronic sign in front of the Assembly Hall]  Why not let the Artificial Intelligence push me to the top, right? If you know what you are looking for then it will be easy to find me. 

I know exactly what services I can provide at the highest level - that is my skill, that is my craftsmanship, sometimes I manufacture luxury. I also make all my techniques and ideas freely available for the world to see - read the blog and follow me on Insta. 

I always say - do your research first!  - educate yourself, get quotes, save money! I have a handy little post, right there at the top titled 'Do your RENO RIGHT', look it up, there are good pointers there. 

Chapter 2 -  Conversions!  - not views!

Everyone wants to go viral, but it is a hard game to play, if you can play it at all. That, and another thing always worth remembering is that you can only be YOURSELF. 

To be continued....

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Predictions 2020, and come to my SHOW!

picture shows a bathroom floor that has been freshly tiled with white, marble-like octagonal tiles. When I came in on Monday morning to work, the boss said that the tiles looked good. Thanks boss!

Chapter 1 - Predictions 2020 

Come to the show! Sunday, January 19 at the beautiful and historic, best part of Toronto - the New Toronto - the Assembly Hall. The building is accessible and features great amenities. Will have hot coffee and Costco muffins [because they are the best deal]. I will do a lot of the talking, but I aim to have a discussion too. SO if you got questions - come on in!

The Assembly Hall is a beautiful location, historic location, right by the lake, absolutely stunning hikes, strolls and walks. You can ride the TTC new Red Rockets all the way practically to the front door.... that how easy and convenient it is. If you drive, that's ok too - I know the commute is the only option sometimes - PLENTY of street parking on Lakeshore [check if paying required, may not be].

Peak Furnshinings is directly tied to all these ideas:

Which way is Design going?

What are good SKILLS to have?

What does PEAK Furnishings mean for me?

What is the future of work looking like? 

How did Canada won the CLIMATE CHANGE lottery AND how we can CAPITALIZE on it? 

All these questions present opportunities for growth. All these questions come with certain subset of skills that are needed. 

Lots and lots to talk about.....! Do Come!