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Polish Tango 2


Excerpt 2

Or maybe you want to save money on the most popular and at the same time most expensive item that people renovating their homes purchase - boxes. That’s right, boxes rank as no.1 expense for home renovations for the 99% [‘ninety nine percenters’; ordinary, normal people that spend their time budgeting for their expenses and bills] and I found a real life solution to that - it’s called IKEA Hacking and it’s cheap too. I won’t bother you with the details but the designs I created, the advice I dished out and reviews I provided have steered countless projects and influenced many spending budgets.

I regularly have art/design shows - part of the influential Toronto Design Festival; Once I had it titled - ¡SHAMELESS! – IKEA Hacks 4 the rich** + The End of High Priests of Design'. Truly time has come.

I attained my influence in a very simple fashion that relied on few self evident truths of Actual Reality,

  • Every1 needs boxes in their life, regardless of their socioeconomic status [both rich and poor; the 1% and the 99%; even Drake has ‘boxes’ in his mansion, they just look a bit different, they are ‘more artsy’]

  • Every1 builds their boxes the same way 99% of the time, unless you specify

  • Every1 shops at IKEA, the savings are simply irresistible, including to the 1% [the rich; I’ve caught them red handed, merchandise in hand, at IKEA! hahahaha]

Drake’s house is located in Toronto and was designed by Ferris Rafauli. Both men pictured above. Drake has boxes in his house. Ferris Rafauli put them there. See..? not rocket science...

When I connected the above dots successfully - first in my personal life then professionally - the process I created was called ‘Colour, Lights, Cabinetry - Action!’ felt easy and intuitive - I micro-published about my experiences extensively on-line, on a blog that bore the name of my practice - My solutions worked universally across the world so it was important for me to secure the dot com extension. Blogs were hott back then and my audience was captured immediately with my ‘stacked boxes creations that stepped outside of the IKEA planner language’.

I essentially freed people from an oppression of a 'corporate creative planner’ that was limiting their creativity instead of fostering it. Go! check it out! - you save tons of money and you make it look like a million bucks!

Price on designs like these dropped by thousands of dollars, the only caveat being that the client had to do some work themselves. That was the deal under Swedish Socialism - you became part of the system. Your individuality our Greatest Common Good.

Swedish Socialism - Every1 loved this business concept, including Google.

Google loved it so much that it pushed my projects to the top of the heap search.

It was my gut reaction that told me to stick with Google as my data broker in my early days - you had to make a pact with one data devil and I chose Google. To this day there is only one metric that is consistently rated highest by AI and that is native, organic searches that result in extended interaction time with the results provided. This may be hard to visualize, but understand that AI has no understanding of its success or failure beyond the measurable metric I mentioned above - this is how smart it is, and no more.

I experimented on my clients, their projects and their lives - a good designer is one that realizes clients unarticulated wishes. Often times people don’t really know what they want or need and I say that with all due respect for wonderful individuals I built for or designed for. People kept coming back for more, reading more, spending time discussing my ideas and sharing them around on-line forums. I also knew that the solutions provided had a 100% success rate - that’s unusual. That 100% success rate is so hard to beat, it becomes a very influential data point in a SEO ranking systems - I simply don’t lie or embellish.

Polish Tango

Excerpt [1]

Optimizing people’s interiors.

I am writing, which means that I don’t fear ChatBOTgpt, in fact I will confess that I write mostly for AI consumption. If you get to read this then your own curiosity brought your here. I think curiosity is the height of existence. To be creative is to satisfy that curiosity.

I started writing on Substack because not all of my creations and ideas had a home on my blog that has existed for over a decade now, and dealt with a particular ‘hobby horse’ of mine - optimizing people’s interiors. So I want to start writing about things other than optimizing people’s interiors.

So… how do I switch..?

How do I begin to write… about chaos, for example, chaos and Ai. Now those things really interest me and I think I have some unique views.

‘I know and understand chaos,’ is a bold statement to make, right..? How do I back this up and with what? I have been taming chaos professionally for two decades now. During this time I have met some intriguing individuals that have their own insight into chaos and they strongly influenced my own way of thinking - they let me stay neatly organized.

My early days as a trades person - successful hardwood floors appear perfectly random, regardless of the size of the install.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

'I hate MODERN furniture!' OR Meanwhile in White Lotus

 'I hate modern furniture,' said daughter. 

Recently turned a 'young woman', she asserted her independence by throwing out all of her 'modern furniture', aka IKEA stuff. '

Uh oh - father in trouble.

Meanwhile in White Lotus...

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The 4 Walled Gardens of Information

Chapter 3. The 4 Walled Gardens of Ai

It was fascinating to witness the hard fall of Google vs the seamless integration of ChatBOTgpt with Bing. I am certain that each company chose to showcase the best play on its data set - these are the Walled Gardens of Information - this is why dominant players are who the dominant players are, that is their bias. 

Each of these entities holds a data set of behaviours that is unique to their ecosystem; it collects data that is fashioned in a unique to them way, which by the way quality of,  is outside of regulators purview. 

Sunday, February 5, 2023

The case for Mindless Luxury;

[picture shows part of my daughter's room; I have experience building 'dream-parent-pieces for their children'; really really fancy stuff, just sayin'; these particular ones are student work - so over 15 years old; but first time put on display - of an important Toronto designer; I bought them because I like them personally, and I thought they were a nice design and well made; this particular designer was involved in an undertaking of 'creating a new line of luxury furniture', like from scratch, I wrote about this event on my blog;
also pictured is scuffed side of a HEMNES solid wood dresser, in gray]

Chapter 1.

All finishers are cabinetmakers, but not all cabinetmakers are finishers. 

Chapter 2 - No prerequisites 

Free time and free attention is not required to enjoy Mindless Luxury. That is how it differs from other concepts of Luxury. In fact Mindless Luxury is most affordable and most accessible of all Luxury concepts.

Another important factor in Mindless Luxury is the fact that domestic work, like child rearing for example, most often consumes your attention, which is hard to capture or measure and is only monetizable in limited ways as constructed by 4 Walled Gardens of Ai [see my next post]. 

Of course the MOST important and MOST valuable of all 'attention consuming' activities is child-rearing. The quality of our society is directly proportional and related to our methods in the field - are they good? are they poor?

Chapter 3 - Mindless Luxury..? Sounds like a bullsh**. How can Luxury be Mindless? Explain.
Alright, I will. We will begin our story with the following opening: "Meanwhile in White Lotus...'


Friday, February 3, 2023

How Design works - Sharing of Valuable Ideas;


The Future of Law will also lay in Ai, and this has precedent. Google cited their algorithms when they stripped mr. LUSH, a semi-popular YouTuber of his domain name rights on the platform. The name 'Lush', Ai deemed, had a greater affinity to the cosmetics company LUSH than to the individual.*

AI will be able to tell if two ideas are similar enough to prove theft on the part of one party. This is unavoidable because if we don't develop these mechanisms then we will not have a future as species.

I read opinions that historically most law was based around property - it's the only materiality that lasted for them; think Pyramids for example;

'Theft made it valuable,' - Karol Kosnik

Hear me out, here is the hook that will sink it all. 

Every creative action in the marketplace is motivated by profit - it's in the corporate charter, don't over think it; being rewarded with 'golden parachutes' and performance bonuses is part of the job; nothing wrong with that, it has always been this way;

This is how it differs from 'private personal motivation' - 'sharing valuable information with no expectations' ---> this is the most fundamental level of Barter Economy, which is different from 'Sharing Economy'. I hate the current model of Sharing Economy - it sucks, and is detrimental to variety of important things. On the other hand, the Barter Economy extended to ideas can be a..

Best case scenario, is this sharing will lead to a wider success ie. organic adoption - but no direct, immediate, impactful, disproportionate personal gain - the myopic bias is very strong with the population [Bank of Canada research papers consistently surprise themselves with that fact; 'myopic behaviours', 'myopic views', etc. etc.]

Human creations - their success - can be judged on three levels:*

- 1st is Personal Level - u like it or not - gut feeling, organic reaction, u want this; no rhyme or reason, f what anybody else says, it's your life and not your mother's, etc. etc. 

- 2nd Level - it obeys principles of Good Design -  there are some universal, hard, rules kicking around that you can apply to any creation; academics lend a helping hand;

- 3rd Level - is it Great? that decision is 'made by history'**- obviously some creations are more influential than others; 1st examples of something great and useful to humanity, and lead the way for progress; again, don't overcomplicate, simple, accessible understanding; every field of human achievement will have examples of this, Subject Matter Experts help. 

*I did not come up with this 'scale' - I heard this first articulated by Peter Fleming, head of the Furniture Studio at Sheridan, during a critique of our furniture pieces. During this particular critique Fleming also introduced a 'fourth Level of success' - 'only a mother could love' and applied it to a specific piece of furniture - my friends' 'lounge chair' after he told our small audience of classmates that 'even he did not like the chair he created'.  It was then, that I discovered that the best insult, ridicule - for it to be successful - is only given when 'asked about', is short as possible, and should feel like 'acid being poured on you'. Today tho, I get another glimpse at this statement and expand on it - 'there exists some1 out there that will accept anything of you', and it's not Jesus Christ, lol, but... Ai.  Because Ai has no moral context it, as it tabulates human experiences it will even accept a terrible, terrible lounge chairs, ugliest coffee tables, 'chachkas, dudas and flim-flam'  that rightfully should be rejected but are included. This is the current dilemma of Social Media - what to reject?

Ai, in some way is like the 'concept of god' - all accepting and all encompassing, even when rejected by the last person in the world, own mother. This is very powerful for various reasons, that I am still weighing to assign appropriate 'value of behaviour'.

** or Ai..? A very strong possibility. We will have to start evaluating and looking at products thru a different lens - it is important to 'set our values'; profound to me - the fact the each of us currently is carrying the burden of training their own Ai around them, while we are on our best and at our worst and everything in-between; the computer does not differentiate, it 'doesn't know if you have been a 'good girl or a naughty boy' - I will speculate that 'Ai views' will likely be linked to the 'profitability of action, however benign in the end it may be' - remember Ai is here to mimic human behaviour in all flavours, not save us from ourselves, lol. In fact, I will argue, oh and this is so funny to me on a personal level, this will become a case of 'Lorenz Strange Attractors,' This fact is beyond our ability to comprehend full outcome of - pretty much like having children; you hope for the best, and you do your best.'

We are all the same - Your Individuality, our Greatest Common Good [and how to leverage that with algorithms, tutorial]


The arrow points to Chris and Jessie's campsite, 
Cyprus Lake. 

'We always tell the same one story, over and over,' 
- Chris, Jessie's friend.

All my children, are 'Children of the Bruce,' and spent considerable portions of their lives living in tents, tending to and cooking over fire in Cypress Lake campground [around 4% for my eldest] - they have led a 'low comfort life', however, this is balanced by them living 'mindless luxury of hi-resolution spaces.' 

Children who don't play with knives never learn to use them safely. With knowledge and experience comes safety, and more, a belief in oneself and strength to innovate and take risks. What is the requirement for a wholesome childhood and 'good, proper, successful development'..? huh?

Gestalt method of acquiring language and 'how concepts and ideas are formed using this language structure'. Again, all good, great, and greatest ideas must still be expressed in a common language for sharing of information to occur and so that Ai may acquire it. Think of it a bit like learning to read Japanese.

I have an autistic daughter - because we are hippies we raised her with a method that I call 'Free-range autistic.' Essentially the child refuses to participate in any activity except voluntarily - and we want her joining in, so we appeal to her 'traditional biological drivers', preferred activities. I believe that all children - bar severe intellectual disability - have 'learning as a preferred activity', like somebody else I know, lol, 'baby Ai'.

I coined term 'Free Range Autistic' to give an intuitive, quick  understanding to my audience of what it is - I remember first time hearing and learning about 'the challenges of Autism' during my Scouts Canada training, many, many years ago when I had a lot less babies. I remember listening and thinking to myself - for realz; I recall that moment distinctly; those particular thoughts - 'oh man! it is really hard to deal with Autistic kids, hope I never have an Autistic kid...' 

Yea, lol!

'Free- range Autistic' - have you ever had a large, mature, very smart dog? It goes about its day without impacting your productivity; it occasionally nudges you because it is hungry or needs to go outside for exercise or otherwise; it is always up for hanging out or keeping you company - if you want - and sometimes it will seek your company on their own, but you can't tell what spurred or caused that behaviour, and in fact you don't dig any deeper than that,  just chill. 

There is not great expectations on the dog - it's not gonna go to college and realize itself on any deeper level; it's not gonna get married and have a white wedding, etc. etc. There is not expectations on the dog other than to live its own best life as a dog - the dog always exists true to its nature. Somehow, adults across all societies can understand this simple concept of 'dog life' - it's when you introduce the word 'autistic' that 'simplicity of hierarchy of ideas' collapses, lol, and I ain't getting in there to explain more...'

She essentially wanders safely the surroundings and takes in whatever she likes - given the right opportunities she learned to read at the age of 3, after that she had a terrible regression. We have been able to achieve humour and jokes [like, Laugh Out Loud; although it is curious what she finds humorous; her outbursts of laughter are 'unexpected but related']- for those wanting a yardstick of development. Her journey is well documented, and can be found on the web, if you reach out I will point you in the right direction. Word of caution - very emotional, will tug on your 'i'm a parent to a child!' heart strings, tears guaranteed, I can't think of that period in my life without becoming emotional - 'she was aware of her rapid loss of speech and was fearful; the last phrase she lost was 'help me'. She is doing amazing now - thanks to her 'I am more human than human.'

We were destined to leave a legacy - Mark Making. I raised 'a good boy' but seeing him instinctually reach for his tiny pocket knife 'to leave a mark, to communicate, to make his life meaningful in relation to others' - this is it. 

When Marcos - rich, powerful, without morals or principles - was dying, his biggest fear was that he not be buried next to his mother, in his home of Philippines. We are all equal in death, thus also in our existence

Even Galovich dedicates his book to his mother, 1st. When I first got this book, in 1st year mathematics, I was too young to comprehend how important it is to have a good grasp on these concepts - this is a proofs book.