- IKEA Hacking -

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I will design and build the custom cabinetry that you always wanted. My specialty is IKEA Hacking. IKEA Hacking is the single, most economical way of designing and building good quality cabinetry built-ins, media, libraries, anything - read the tab for kitchens here. 

Pair that up with my creative approach to designing and obsession with quality and you get an amazing product at a very reasonable cost - read the blog!

Cheapest way - yes, there are bargain hunters out there; this is for you - measuring, design + assembly service. Fill your space with variety of IKEA boxes - I will come in and measure - I use a laser level for accuracy. Billys make for good bookcases, SEKTION is a very flexible box well suited for things other than kitchens - lower storage on bookcases for example. PAX is a great closet. 

Kitchens are an example of just assembly - although many clients tend to opt-in for custom elements - ends up looking like million bucks every time. 

Note - high-end appliances don't always fit the IKEA SEKTION system well - I make sure that your Sub-Zero fridge or your Wolf built-in range will not only sit properly but it will look aesthetically pleasing - only nice designs - Studio Kosnik difference. 

The IKEA Hack - those seeking nicer design will appreciate this service. First I measure. Then we create a custom looking design that is based on the IKEA box - the choice of detailing and finishes - paint, laminate, mouldings, mirrors, lighting etc. - will determine the final look. It can be modernist, contemporary, 'fancy-french' - whatever you want - I work magic. 

The big difference between my service and what traditional millwork companies offer is that we have to modify the boxes - we have to dress them up. That's part of the process of hacking, otherwise they just end-up looking like IKEA boxes side by side - that service is included in the price - there is no 'upgrade charges' for crown mouldings, columns, panels, or other fancy elements - they are required part of the design - it's not an IKEA hack otherwise. 

One of the cleverest upgrades that I offer is what I call a 'flex-panel' for your media/gaming/TV. It's a design by which a 'floating panel' is integrated into the design that makes any upgrades to your equipment easy - easily done by the user - no need to call me - save money. You take off the panel and run all your wiring and cabling behind it. For media, I always integrate a hidden conduit into the cabinetry to facilitate the process better. It's a smart and flexible solution that the end user greatly appreciates. 

Another advantage of the IKEA Hack - advantages! advantages! advantages! - all IKEA Hacks are compatible with the 'IKEA standard' – your new cabinetry will work with all of IKEA's kitchen hardware, shelving, drawers and closet fittings. I will build the boxes - you outfit them as you want.

This is an example of a old AKURUM IKEA hack.

[Check out the finished look within the pages of this blog...it just looks so good! Click the 'Kitchen' tag at the bottom of the page!] 

Custom Work 

I can build you anything your heart desires. I am an old school furniture maker with a passion for designing - I greatly enjoy building challenging pieces. I am an experienced non-traditionalist when it comes to carpentry, I thrive on intricate details and my finishing skills are superior. Get in touch - we can talk about it.