Custom doors for IKEA systems - SEKTION or PAX.

Some people say that this is the ultimate hack - a totally custom looking kitchen that has all the functionality of IKEA. If you are in the market for a custom kitchen, consider the savings of having a professionally designed IKEA kitchen - impeccable functionality and smart solutions - faced with beautifully made custom doors - in many stunning designer options. Using custom made matching veneer panels, your doors would showcase the best of nature - white oak, walnut, mahogany, zebrano, wenge - with an option of horizontal or vertical grain.

Feeling budget creative? Consider doing 'accent doors + panels'. An example would be doing a an IKEA SEKTION kitchen for all - except the island. With their new SEKTION system, you will be able to design very fancy looking kitchen islands. Pick any high-end design magazine and flip through the pages - IKEA SEKTION lets you do that. Pair that up with my install and you have a very well crafted kitchen island.

With SEKTION - there are more opportunities to showcase your style. With more choices than ever in terms of cabinets and hardware, I will ensure that the expense will result in a beautiful, one of a kind, very functional kitchen that will seamlessly blend in with your life.

Get some help designing your new kitchen:

- smart planning + design;

- assembly and install; 

- custom elements [nice crown mouldings...lights....panels...]

*Here is the Studio Kosnik difference - order custom doors from me and you get a product like this - everything matches - I am obsessed with that - it just has to look really, really good. Note: you should read my entry 'How to accent when you are accenting - custom doors for IKEA systems', because I think if you intend to pony up more cash for nicer doors, then you should make that money shine like this, right here below. I realize that it may be an exciting design option, but I say spend your money wisely. Hope you enjoy your new kitchen!

I make it look like a million buck$! [r]