Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blue AXSTAD review! - BEST door of 2020!

[picture is an overhead shot; picture shows a designer mood board - BARKABODA walnut herringbone countertop is paired with blue AXSTAD doors along with a sample of pure white countertop from Porcelanosa]

Chaper 1 - Blue AXSTAD Review

Oh hello! I know it has been tough getting into IKEA. I miss those days where I would just stroll in and take up morning residence in the back of IKEA's restaurant with that bottomless coffee for $1 [or FREE if you have IKEA Family card!]...

picture shows a closeup corners of blue AXSTAD door with a pure white Porcelanosa slab on a walnut herringbone countertop BARKABODA 

Chapter 2 - The DOOR

I would love to write up a  long long review outlining all the reasoning behind it, but time is precious! I have some incredible opportunities coming up for me, and I want to make sure that they all go off excellent. 

Here it goes: 

A] You will never regret getting these doors. I thought that I loved the Grey Axstad [which is a quality improvement over the White Axstad; see my YouTube review of White Axstad HERE], but these dark, formal, elegant BLUE Axstad doors take the cake. Obviously they are a particular look and you would need to coordinate everything else around them - it's a very demanding door; because it is so 'high end', they in-turn demand a high-end design and finishes around them. Brass and gold would look amazing paired up with that door - look at WALNUT! Dark, warm, natural woods would be a luxurious pairing - I like natural wood because it is 'pure and unadulterated, just nature' vs. stained, which occasionally I see done badly.

B] They will act like a 'high end door' - they are heavier, thicker and put together with IKEA's new, 'super slim' hinge [you can say good bye to those chunky grey pistons; no savings from IKEA here tho, higher price, which should be lower, but you got to make up your profit margins somewhere right?] they will have a motion of a 'nice, refined doors'. It's hard for me to describe the sound 'ahhh' the first time the doors close on a client. Everyone is impressed - it's such a simple 'elevation'. 

C] DESIGN wise - think of them as a NAVY Uniform - elegant, professional - any finishes that exude those qualities will work - herringbone for floors if you can afford - wood or tile. Dark floors will work particularly well - here is a great, 'cheap option' - I love the look of dark, pre-finished parquet. It is cheaper than strip flooring, it has a 'rich texture' look because of all the little wood pieces [there is varieties of parquet tiles! look into it! you may find one you love!]. I've done tons of high end condos in parquet back in my flooring days. Trim on the wall, any panelling - Yeezus! just open up any fancy magazine, find the pic you love matching the doors and copy the look! 

It's that easy, and the doors are GORGEOUS!