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I get many requests for quotes. Many. IKEA Hacking is a very popular endavour. Some quotes are tiny and quick. Some quotes are substantial and require much thought and research. Giving out good quotes is the challenging part of the job - woodworking is easy. How competitively is IKEA Hacking priced? I say it works out to about 2/3 of the price for comparative millwork. For real, and 'I make it look like a million bucks'*

If you want to build  -

It will be much easier and quicker for me to give you a great price on cabinetry/millwork if you arm yourself with some basic information on the project that you personally have a great vision for and desire to execute. Here are the steps -

1. Measure [to the nearest foot or so] the space - I need height, depth and width + any other measurements that you feel I should know about. Quick smartphone pics included in an e-mail are very helpful.

2. What is it that you want to build? And do you have a product in mind that you want to use - PAX, Besta, Billy, AKURUM / SEKTION? I can advise here.

3. Style - find an image on the web of the thing that you want to build. We are not necessarily looking to replicate but we are looking at the details that make up the design - the specifics. Typically, the more details there is the pricier the design - but I've been known to make exceptions. 

Get in touch! E-mail or call. We will go from there.

- Doors made

So you want to use the guts of an IKEA cabinet - smart move - but you want to have that real nice custom look to it. I can help. I will design and build you nice custom doors for your PAX or your new kitchen - SEKTION. Something like Semihandmade [tm]** does - except they are in California - so it just makes sense take advantage of the lower Canadian dollar and save on shipping. 

Need help designing your kitchen? Get in touch. 

**Semihandmade has a history with IKEA at the Interior Design Show, back in 2015, read about it here - 

Ha! Update - I was going to see them - but then this SCANDAL!

- If you are looking to install

IKEA planning tools are the best! You can create a virtual design with an on-line IKEA planner and then share the design with me. The quotes are quick and accurate. 

Please note that I fabricate my own kicks for the IKEA kitchen cabinetry [they are required on any kitchen island].

This company is an equal opportunity fabricator - each project, regardless of expense receives exactly the same level of attention - 110% [many satisfied clients].

* 'I make it look like a million bucks' [c] studio kosnik