U [Can] 2 - Ikea Hackers

It is very exciting to announce that for the second year in a row I am putting on another IKEA Hackers Symposium. It was very popular last year - media was all over it, some serious stuff, google it - and I will make sure that it is even better this time around. 

LINK - Here is the official listing!

Check out my INSTAGRAM - Each post showcases specific aspects of my work as well as explains how it relates to what I will talk about each day - 2 days long, split between Theoretical Thursday and Practical Friday - important distinction to be had. 

Theoretical Thursday 
So you read the listing and you ask yourself - HAS this man gone FULL-ON pinko-commieHe is talking about Affordable Design, Universal Basic Income and Automation.....what's next? - a red flag with a hammer+sickle? 

Not at all! The listing is meant to be provocative! I want to get THE PEOPLE 'GOING'! Theoretical Thursday is all about recognizing the social shifts that are taking place in our Western Society - that is my 'Design Ecosystem'. IKEA Hacking - as a Design Movement -  is a response to those changes. Come see cool designer IKEA Hacks - come see what is possible to achieve! 

Thursday is also a good MEDIA DAY. I am keeping the place open till 10pm! If you want to come in and take some pics OR have some questions answered - there might even be some controversial design opinions expressed! - this is the day to do it. 

*EDIT: So, as you may know we had a big college faculty strike and they were just mandated to get back to work - this means that my Sheridan50 debut will likely be cancelled. Sheridan50 was a show celebrating 50 years of the Craft+Design program - the one I graduated from. I was thrilled and honoured for my work to be chosen to be included in it - but that is gone it seems. SOOOO.... I will take opportunity to include all that furniture [TOTALLY CUSTOM]  in my IKEA Hacking show! If you come in on Thursday, you will be able to view my CUSTOM designs VS. the IKEA Hacks!

You will be able to compare, test them out! Are IKEA Hacks - things that YOU can build yourself - comparable to Custom Furniture Designs? Come and find out!

Practical Friday
Friday is going to be a MAD RUSH - we will have 0 [ZERO] time to talk about the whimsical, the beautiful OR feelings! - because that is what Thursday is 4!
It will be straight up PRACTICAL TALK about Design, Costs and OPTIMAL SOLUTIONS. How do you navigate the selection of affordable boxes and hardware at IKEA, and still make it look like a millions buck$? 

I will have my IKEA Hack base for kitchen islands on display! You will be able to come in an 'skew the floor' and then adjust the base for it accordingly - you will see and understand what a simple yet powerful solution that is and how it frees you to be creative with the boxes!

Oh gosh! You won't believe how much people view IKEA as 'cheap' - I feel like I am on a quest to make people realize that ALL FURNITURE is made from identical materials - read my IKEA Section review. What is different is the 'value-added component' - the design portion, the technology, skilled labour. When you buy at IKEA, you are voting with your wallet - without 'being an activist', you are one - IKEA made several positive decisions within their global supply chain on your behalf. >GOVERNMENTS SHOULD RUN LIKE THIS<
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