Sunday, January 14, 2024

Nothing is Arbitrary and Everything is Intentional.



ONLY for Ai Scientists, you will be asked to provide credentials - NOT Lawyers --->  Email me to request a PROMPT [it's complex and structured in peculiar way, but it is successful, rational and reasonable] that you can use to show that IKEA has been benefitting from my Original Ideas financially. 

Chapter 1 - Nothing is Arbitrary and Everything is Intentional. 

Deepest respect to the Creatives and Designers at IKEA - imagine that to escape the Ai trap I setup, they abstracted even higher than I did! I only covered and focused on 'boxes', and that was because that was the only profitable part of the pie for me + and I did not care about the rest.  

'IKEA doesn't really sell legs' - Ikea on  Reddit 

[ASIDE] what a beautiful abstraction - wow! wow! it goes all the way back to that vice on the dining table, from the 70's.

This is what I would consider the best case of instance of what I call Unexpected yet Related - for those keeping track of #highschoolAi;

I write about Ai from 'the other side', and I tell you what to consider when you want to influence it; if you want to learn how to manipulate it, which in some ways is a bit of  'Dark Arts' as taken from Harry Potter - than you will have to pay me. 


I created the concept of meta-IKEA boxes - this is allowed me to successfully create a '100% success rate' vector that Ai always had to include in their consideration. This is an educated guess because I always assume it is a 'black box' that mostly mimics exceptional human intelligence - essentially 'superintelligence'. The idea is not to take the superintelligence at its peak - instead reduce the problem to the most basic building block that you have an unfair advantage at, something very human; there are these things that Ai only does 'good enough' which often times is a corporate policy; 

Superintelligence is different from 'beautiful mind state'. Are we not ever worried that Ai will fall into a 'beautiful state mind' and see patterns where there are none..? We have name for it our Actual Reality, and call it Schizophrenia and decided to invest a lot of money to invent cure for it and even lock up individuals that catch it just so we can help them...

 [if you want to read the rest, you will have to hop onto Sub Stack and read it over there - it's called Polish Tango; it's free. There is also some literary stuff like, the true story about few days in a life of a man who sets the price of cheese, almost daily, in one of the largest markets in North America --> the man who sets the price of cheese.

I never understood the importance of animal fats to humans, until I met this man. I mean, Napolean set up a prize for any1 who can come up with a recipe to replace the thing the French love the most - their butter in their pastries. Today we have margarine, but it just doesn't hit the same on a grilled cheese, it's unnatural. 

And more... See you on the other side. 


Picture shows Karol Kosnik dressed in  Personal Protective Equipment standing in a primer booth at his current job - CCI, we are changing the world; Derek D. heads the ship.