VIDEO! Watch the VIDEO for this show! - Invitation.

picture shows a section of a white wall in a narrow townhome with a cabinetry layout taped out with thin green masking tape, full size. There is also tape on the floor, to indicate to floor footprint. This project was realized and is further discussed in the blog /w pictures. 

This is from my Insta account - this is the first step. You got to be able to quickly mock up and visualize your space. Move the tape around to get different options. It's a fun little exercise!

Chapter 1 - the Housing Crisis

So you've bought or got yourself into the Toronto real estate market - you paid huge for a small space. Maybe it is a super narrow townhome that has absolutely no storage on the main floor OR maybe it is a shoebox in the sky - you already know that you will have to make this space more functional. 

Take a deep breath, and I want you to think 3 things:

Colour! - Lights! - Cabinetry!

Or perhaps you just rented a small [or micro ] space and you immediately need to bring up its functionality without spending a fortune. But you still want to make it look like a million buck$. What do you do?

Take a deep breath, and I want you to think 3 things:

Colour! - Lights! - Cabinetry!

The solutions required for both space will be look and feel different, but they will use identical design elements adapted for particular need. With flexible, on-demand access to design elements [paint, modular lighting systems, modular cabinet boxes] you are in charge of the project and the timeline. With very accessible pricing you can:

A]  work at your own pace - save up and do it all at once;
B] stage the project in parts - do the functional first then follow up with 'the pretty' 

You are not doing the project alone - you have a powerful partner in IKEA with their amazing 25 year warranty on the work you have done. Rest easy knowing that any issues that may come up will be resolved with ease.

Ha! I am a designer! -  and I love a good challenge! Is YOUR OWN space challenging your inner designer? Send me an e-mail with some pics explaining your situation - I am looking to showcase some real life solutions during my presentation - IT COULD BE YOURS!

Come in! Get inspired! Find a stunning cheap solutions - as singer Sia says, 'I love cheap thrills!'


Chapter 2 - The Economy of Environment*
*or 'I don't care about environment and only care about money'

You know Peak Furnishings is made in North America enterprise, right? Unlike a lot of companies who design in North America, but 'made in China', the solutions that you will be implementing will directly benefit North American sphere of influence. You will be voting with your dollars. 

It may not be crossing our minds just yet but the current breaking up of the trade pacts, the growth of China, the disruption caused by Russia will require Canada and United States to look at each other and start seeking 'Made in North America' solutions. I think we will see a strong revival of small craft shops not just offering goods or services but also teaching skills - it will make sense to be handy. And the best argument is going to be: SAVE MONEY - in the near future you may find yourself with more time on your hands than you were expecting - you better be prepared to fill that time with some activity, make it worth your while. 

Chapter 3 - This is new to me, how come I did not hear about this before? 

Peak Furnishings is a disruptive event - it essentially empowers the end user dismantling the many layers ['profit opportunities'] of traditional design. 

My experience is that Peak Furnishings distrups traditional business models - come to my talk will be giving numerous concrete examples and off-the-cuff anecdotes. The power and decision making shifts to the end user - the ultimate 'micro-targeting'. What are the challenges when 'target audience' becomes the 'target individual'? This is where traditional marketing models fail, as it becomes too labour intensive and cost-involved [and what kinds of costs are we looking at attempting to influence 'the individual']. Come hear my take on 'micro-targeting' - remember! my mantra is 'Conversions NOT Views'.