Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitchen Benches - I Like

[Chapter 1]
I am a particular fan of kitchen benches. They are just so practical. In my household – I've got four kids of my own – children seem to be coming and going all the time, and not just my own. Before I built the bench, there was a chronic shortage of seating space at the kitchen table – meals, homework, games, you name it. When a clean up at the shop turned up an old, 1930's solid wood, drafting table top – 1" thick American basswood, made in the town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin – I decided to give it a new life. 

I designed the bench around '1950's American Kitchen Charm', the colour scheme meant to integrate into our kitchen.

Being a bench for kids, I designed it in a way to get the young ones involved in the making. Safety first – they only participated in the assembly and painting, and did a great job!

Now, there is never a shortage of space at our table – in an emergency, four kids will squeeze in just fine.

[Chapter 2]
Another Project...