Monday, September 28, 2015

Everyone is waiting for that fall SEKTION sale, IKEA!

C'mon....we are all waiting....when is it?

while we wait....we might as well nourish our bodies....

EDIT [End of October 2015]

There is not going to be a another IKEA kitchen sale, ever [likely]. The first kitchen sale of the new system - SEKTION - that they did was so overwhelming and IKEA was so understocked that I was hunting for missing pieces of for 8 weeks following the initial purchase. People were furious, renovations were scheduled....babies were born to incomplete kitchens....It was a disaster.

There are still certain doors/drawer fronts that are are out of stock - continuously. What can you do? You just wait for them to show up and quickly snatch what you need....

IKEA....I love you.

[BIG EDIT: December 7, 2015]

They did it! 
They DID IT!

IKEA does their second annual kitchen event!
2 things:

A] Right before Christmas....smooth move...Who in the right mind will renovate their kitchen 2 weeks before Christmas? How are you gonna secure a trade, like plumber? or an electrician? or even a kitchen installer? 
B] it's a short sucker only till January 11, 2016. Timing it such as they did means that it will be an underwhelming one - no big sell outs, no running out of stock like last time. Unless the plan is that people will pre-purchase their kitchens for the January/February season.....that could be a strategy here....