Thursday, April 7, 2016

IKEA Hacker's Greatest Fear + Sneaky IKEA!


See the pre-paint video - Attention 2 Details [it doesn't just happen!]

This is the entry and accent wall of a really cool loft. The ultra modern kitchen - will be immediately to the left  - design will balance the very traditional look of well done modern paneling. Sometimes when you want things done properly, you have to do them yourself. Win and win - it was so rewarding seeing that trim go up. I am very proud of the fact that I manage to pry off a security feature that we had no key for, off a steel door frame with absolutely minimal damage - #accomplished - I briefly considered an option of becoming a burglar, 'Wow', I thought to myself, 'this felt so natural.' Another trick that I know, is how to lock front doors /w manual knob, from the outside, without a key - very impressed is someone who finds out that I can do that. 'Tricks of the trade?' I want to say. 

But this interior started like this - what struck me in the first conversation we had about the space was that new owner has IKEA Ivar shelving unit that she takes on the road for showing work - a ceramicist - modern ceramics - but otherwise it would stand in the corner, right up against the paneling. And then I immediately recalled an image out of IKEA designed and produced book about interiors. This is the shot I sent her as an 'inspirational image' - it's got a 'raw wood' shelving-type situation. And I love herringbone floors - they are very classic - we did herringbone tiles, really cool. 

BUT This is how IKEA is sneaky - they furnish these incredible interiors with their own, very functional but rather low-price furniture. And those interiors are expensive to recreate. I know because I am doing one. We make smart choices - one of them is going with an IKEA kitchen that's faced with custom doors. And a whole bunch of other things. Mouldings from Brenlo -  in Toronto is where you go for great selection of mouldings. 


1. That IKEA will go after me. But they won't, not openly at least. That would not be an optimum move on their part. IKEA has accepted the fact that hacking its products is a lifestyle for some people, or just being plain smart and creative. There is now IKEA hacking at 'academic level' - students at universities do it - engineering, architecture and design. IKEA Hacking is here to stay - by retaining some influence [say, just by the virtue of letting it exist, for example] it is able to give it some direction*. 

It is rather likely to be in the form of digital rights management - intellectual property claims. Right? I think IKEA has pretty strong case on that front - IKEA felt no nostalgia when they killed off - it was an American based website - too much liability*. My own blog experienced, what I know, were some blackouts of videos and there was copyright for music violation. It's like the counter on the videos got stuck, I could not access the files, and my blog was experiencing unusual activity - listen, there are thousands of Google engineers working around the clock, around the globe to ensure the Google products run smoothly, and you are telling me the the counter on the videos broke down and I was not able to view or access the videos - sob! - for few days - that's not a coincidence. Anyhow I am preparing an academic presentation on IKEA hacking - based on all the things that I managed to accumulate for the convention that I want to host.  Of course IKEA is notorious for not giving any interviews to 'private individuals' - but hey! either they will 'lift the veil' or it is going to be written about them without their participation. 

*[I love IKEA legal! in their newly published books - which you should absolutely look through, have, I believe, a 1-sentence legal. 'Zero liability for what you see in this book.'