Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just Pics, too tired to write.

and because ppl love before vs after pics

Chapter 1

But I've been thinking a lot - about very practical things. I will have more time shortly so will write more.  Instead for your eyes. Son-of-a-gun, I am telling you that there is no better quality and more optimizing that went into this reno. All was custom made - fabrication done with measurements taken as-it-was happening - nothing was square or plumb in that space - it  this is definitely more than your 'average IKEA kitchen hack' that I typically do, but it was required. I am not including the shots of the upper hanging units - they've got 'Best of Blume' servo-hardware - and you actually have to 'teach them' for it to operate properly - I will do a video - it's like smart cabinetry - and in this case it it is the optimum option. 

All design decision were taken to maximize the space - in actuality and psychologically. That's right people - you can influence perceptions of space,
 - make it feel larger, more robust, beautiful - by carefully selecting finishes and proportioning them appropriately. Lighting is the key. 

ps. I can't wait to read this book - found at IKEA, about IKEA. 

[EDIT] The move happened! You cannot possibly fit more handmade mugs on those shelves. The selection of seamless backsplash [Italian laminate from ABET, from their new collection] gave it a really nice modern look, all backlit to visually create greater depth. 
Nice! I love it.