Friday, August 2, 2019

Peak Furnishings - Colour, Lights, Cabinetry - what to do when you live in a shoebox - IKEA's 2019 Catalogue

Picture shows and example of Peak Furnishings, a method of designing and organizing interiors for optimum functionality - it is the 'Kosnik CLC'  method, 'Colour Lights Cabinetry'. Picture shows a long and narrow space featuring a small section of Ikea's Grimslov kitchen. Right next to the kitchen is a section of built environment featuring a small, blue-walle,d private nook that has SEKTION VOXTORP cabinets installed against the ceiling, hitting a large PAX frosted glass sliding door unit. All IKEA cabinets are clad in dark grey, chalkboard panels - only the decorative IKEA doors are visible. The entire design is completed with IKEA sourced lights, hidden behind a custom valance and controlled via remote control or a phone app. According to Karol Kosnik, this is an example of the PEAK FURNISHINGS concept. 

Here is another two pictures:

with the BARKABODA table installed! It is a flex piece - the table only has two legs and floats off the wall. 

*edit: I should specify that the GRIMSLOV kitchen came from a previous reno, just prior to the sale. 

Chapter 1 - The 2019 IKEA Catalogue

To say that I am excited is an understatement. This simple publication will influence design choices and steer purchasing of hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of individuals around the globe. IKEA is quite open about that and every year goes out of their way - they are incredibly creative - to strengthen their dominant position in the marketplace. With the advent of IKEA Family it is an obvious that it is what I call a 'Lifestyle store', that in its brilliance partners selectively with brands and organizations to further its goals - total world domination. 

Thus it only makes sense for me to make myself part of that lifestyle ecosystem - I know, in a creative fashion, wield the entire power of IKEA behind me. And that my friends, clients is to your advantage. How?

Space is at a premium these days. Real estate is expensive. Small spaces command prices that were unheard of just 3 years ago. It happens on virtually every site visit - I come to dwelling that is small, long, narrow. Often poorly lit and without any storage on the main floor. These are all disadvantages that the new homeowner needs to overcome. An expensive renovation is not an option AND even then, what could be done? - the space is simply too small to renovate. 

This is where PEAK FURNISHINGS come in. I use a method called CLC - it is an acronym for 'Colour Lights Cabinetry'. A good design relies on human psychology - a natural attraction to organizing and giving functionality to spaces - any space already has that function, but it is often very weak. My design practice focuses on bringing it out - and bringing it out in FULL FORCE. 

To be continued [hahaha! I have some quotes to do! just came in!]