Friday, September 20, 2019

Peak Furnishings - this is why Colour-Lights-Cabinetry WORKS!

Picture shows a wall mounted vertical storage, attached to a horizontal floating credenza. The boxes, SEKTION, feature white VEDDINGE doors. All exposed surfaces are clad in panels - some are white Forbatra, some are HAMMARP, solid white oak slabs. Floating shelf was fabricated from the offcut leftover from cladding - optimized usage of material. There is a single puck light OMLOPP paired up with a digital remote control - system was designed to be expandable, with new lights installed with ease, if wanted. The design features a single drawer face, however there is an additional hidden MAXIMERA drawer behind the visible drawer face. 

CHapter 1 - Colour Lights Cabinetry - it WORKS!

Firstly it works because it is CHEAPer - that's right, the cost is ALWAYS the main driver. I go to these fancy multi-million dollar homes and of course I know EXACTLY the reason why I am there - they want a good price on their cabinetry. The challenge is always how to put it nicely together.  If I can create a design for you and set you up for success than you can do stuff like this yourself - SAVE MONEY. 

Or I will design it in a way that offers great flexibility - any additional work can easily be done by the owner - new options and new fittings come out all the time. Your design, your built-in is never static - it's flexible - that is one of my absolutely favourite aspect of IKEA Hacking - you can get every part of your project from IKEA.

Ok, so that was cost and DIY accessibility - what are the other advantages? 

It works marvelously in small and super small spaces - I assure you that IKEA has a solution for absolutely every space, you just have to be creative [**or hire me **]. What if I can't find a solution that will work for me at IKEA? - you are doomed. You will have to go out there and spend a million dollars on a practical and very nice solution. 

Imagine that the guiding principle in any housing sale is to convince you that you can fit in that space. My intent is not only to make you fit in that space, but make you thrive. I think about everything, I imagine all of life's little and big events [babies are a major driver of renos!] and I run them thru the use of cabinetry. The example above - the couple needs dramatically MORE storage in their living space and they want it modern and flexible. They've got their personal preferences and likes. 

HEY! You know what the best advantage is of floating storage? This is IKEA Hacker PRO level tip here, hahahah!

**You can put baskets underneath for storage when you got a baby! They go away when you don't need them and the place is back to modern again!**