Thursday, November 26, 2020

SHAMELESS - IKEA Hacks for the rich** + The End of High Priests of Design - SHOW

 Chapter 1 - The SHOW --> GIVE AWAY -  this piece

Yes, I am doing a give away. This is one of the coolest Ikea Hacks that I have ever done. It's very professional and features Design History my friends! The top, sides and the legs are covered in a vintage Italian laminate - ABET Diafos - that laminate has a lot of depth; it's like ice except coloured. 

I think it will end up as a virtual 2 hour presentation.

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Will keep you posted further:

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The last bastion of Good Taste has fallen - Architectural Digest publishes a story on a cute IKEA Hack - a clever design by a budget-humbled architect. It reads like a Design Fairy Tale: a creative individual used to absolute luxury in terms of budgets, suddenly faces the hard realities of 'tiny-budget' - I think it is actually his own place! 

If you don't know about Architectural Digest then I don't blame you. I have been aware of Architectural Digest for quite some time yet I never felt inclined to pick up a copy for myself - it's really out of my league; Elegant Opulance is not my style; Casual Elegance is. I did try to psychoanalyze thus dilemma, including allowing the possibility that I would never be able to afford such interiors - TRUE. I guess the saving grace in all this 'psychoanalysis' was the fact that I, as a craftsperson, have in the past built for the rich and the ultra-rich and are familiar with their world thru that experience. I have extensive experience making super-rich and influential comfortable - because it is essentially down to 'comfort' - that is the ultimate luxury.

Now, what if....... YOU WERE ABLE TO CREATE EXACTLY THE SAME LEVEL OF COMFORT BUT FOR YOURSELF......? What if you were able to educate yourself on your 'design personality' and based on that acquire 'small skills' that would let you execute improvements in your own life? Huh? SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THE RAMIFICATIONS. 

This concept, I consider, to completely blur the lines between the rich and 'the poor' - aka 'people with budgets'. 

To be continued!

Picture shows well designed and well executed IKEA Hack kitchen on the mobile site of Architectural Digest.