Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Ikea Hacker says - Understanding IKEA's PAX warranty - how to come up on TOP

Picture shows an IKEA PAX hack that has been professionally done. It appears that a 200cm wide design was used with 4 doors. The PAX box is elevated on a platform and the bottom is wrapped in a baseboard. Side panels were applied and an oversized crown moulding installed. Large brass pulls were installed on the doors and the entire unit is painted a pleasant white shade. 

 Chapter 1 - PAX wardrobes are THE BEST DEAL IN CLOSET DESIGN;

This beauty popped into my mailbox few weeks back - straight from Jules, ~hottt~ off the press, so to speak. It caught my eye immediately - beautiful work whoever designed and executed it. Looks like Jules now has an Instagram account 'official Ikea Hackers' - CHECK it out! Some of the work is beautiful and very creative - that's precisely the type of work that I like to do. I sometimes visit her page to get inspired - designers don't work in a vacuum. We must continue to go out there and expose ourselves to ideas - 'fresh off the street' as I would like to say, because that is the only way to keep track of what is happening at the consumer level vs. corporate ivory towers**

I am certain that behind this beautiful build rests a box that is full of amazing organizers and lighting that just makes the morning routine a breeze! And I personally think that this a great build. 

Chapter 2 - a GREAT build without ~any warranty~

Whaaat....? It's TRUE. I am not making this up. As much as this is a GREAT example of an IKEA Hack, all the modifications applied to this PAX box completely void its warranty. Typical PAX box and the KOMPLEMENT system come with a 10 year warranty. Being a professional IKEA Hacker I have tended to numerous PAX boxes - everything from a fresh, baby-new box being assembled; to 'can you come and TUNE-UP this closet?' - something is not working properly, something is rubbing, the box feels wobbly...etc. I have even conducted PAX RESURRECTIONS - this is when the PAX wardrobe installed according to the provided instructions [and not always at the end of its 10-year warranty life] is failing to the point that it is being considered for curbside disposal. YES, I have witnessed this box across its entire lifespan and let me tell you that I always hope! - otherwise it's a lot of money and time to replace it new.

I am on REDDIT - active in the r/IKEA and r/IKEAHacks communities. It's a good community of people helping others - professional and cheerful. Lots and lots of PAX built-ins popping up. People are recognizing the value of that system and are choosing it over the traditional route of 'custom closets'. It's easy to make that decision when you compare the pricing on the designs - most of my work comes from people who first get a quote for a custom build and realize that they can achieve SO MUCH MORE for a lot less money!

Here is the trouble - when you are building in the PAX, meaning you are creating a custom structure that will either support, house, hide, elevate that box - whatever your end-goal is - you are removing the easy access to fix it up along its lifespan. I bet that you want to get more than the 10 years out of that box [that's the warranty]. I would argue that a good, solid run of cabinetry should last 25 years. Yes, there will be wear and tear on some elements. Yes there will be a need to occasionally adjust, lubricate or replace some components. This minor tweaking tho should be easy and accessible, including to the client so that there is no expensive call backs.

I know and understand the PAX box intimately. 

I know how it is designed and I understand how it is fabricated. This allows me to come up with solutions that when implemented will extend the life of the PAX years beyond its fairly limited warranty, in my opinion. 

If you are going to go thru the trouble of building in your PAX and you want to get a solid 25 year performance out of it then you MUST do those three simple hacks to the box. Here is the video: How to give your PAX a lifetime of performance!

To Be Coninued..... [video coming!]


**this is why I said that the DELAKTIG project was a dud - it was an artificial entity not quite suited to real life. The end of 'High Priests of Design' has come.