Monday, November 15, 2021

FREE ---> ADA Compliant SEKTION Kitchen Design Guide and considerations - COMING UP!

 Chapter 1 - Costs should not be a barrier to GREAT DESIGN.

[picture shows IKEA's only SEKTION Home Automation option - a 'push to open automatic drawer opener] 

In January of next year - as part of the Toronto Design Festival, DesignTO 2022 - I will launch a FREE course that will focus on creating a SEKTION based kitchen that is ADA compliant. We will reach into absolutely into every trick and tip that I have accumulated over the last two decades working in the commercial millwork trade to produce it - banks, offices, stores - you name it. I will draw heavily on my hands-on experience fabricating commercial designs to create an accessible SEKTION guide. 

We will consider everything that IKEA has to offer, including Home Automation!!

Remember that IKEA's SEKTION kitchen is completely compatible with BLUM Servo line of movement options - that's EXCITING! 

I have done Home Automation for SEKTION kitchens before and I always think that home automation is a very valuable addition to any kitchen environment but it needs to be done in a smart fashion - 'not gimmicky' - there is lots of misinformation out there. It has to be practical and super-functional. 

Here is a link to the course! EXCITING! - [Copy and paste into browser if it doesn't work for you.]

It will be exciting!